There are some technicalities for those who like to play audio using the official MX Player. This is due to some issues related to licensing in which some of its codecs such as AC3, DTS, and MLP, among others were removed. In this case, you can get an error message that the AC3 audio format is no longer supported.

This means that you can only play the video but not the audio. However, you don’t have to delete the video or uninstall the app. Uninstalling MX Player doesn’t make sense because you can resolve this issue for at least 2 minutes.

Fixing The Issue When Playing AC3 Audio Format

AC3 Audio format

One way of fixing this issue when playing a particular video in MX Player is to download the codec that has been missing. This will be able to resolve the issue when you see an error while playing a video by installing the custom codec needed to solve this dilemma.

Steps in fixing AC3 audio format that has not been supported by MX Player

  1. Open the MX Player and click the Main Menu.
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Click on the Decoder tab
  4. Scroll down to view the Custom codec

The codec that your app requires will be shown at the bottom. Thus, you need to download this codec in order to finally play the AC3 audio format accompanying your video format. However, before thinking of downloading the codec to solve your problem, you first need to check if your MX Player is running the latest version.

  • Open the MX Player app
  • Find the Menu button -> Help -> About
  • Here you will be able to see the current version of your app and the custom codec compatible with it

Take note that custom codec might be different depending on the device you are using, so always make sure that you are going to download a compatible codec. After downloading the custom codec for your app, you have to add it to your MX Player.

Adding Custom Codec To MX Player

AC3 Audio fixed

First Option:

 You will be able to download a zip file of the custom codec. You have to move it to the internal memory if it is still in the Downloads folder.

  • Open MX Player
  • MX Player will be able to detect the compatible codec found in your internal folder. A popup will ask for a confirmation if you are going to use this file as a custom codec.
  • You can tap OK to begin the process

You can check if the custom codec has been loaded to the MX Player. Simply open the app and go to the Menu->Help->About. This will show the information about MX Player, which includes the current and the custom codec versions found in your app.

Second Option:

AC3 Audio fixed player

Another way to do it is by doing it manually in case your MX Player fails to detect the compatible codec.

  • Open MX Player, then go to Menu->Settings->Decoder
  • Scroll down then tap the Custom Codec option

You will have to select from a popup that appears on the screen the correct path of the codec you have downloaded

The application requires restarting after fetching the new codec.

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