Given the huge population of not only the world but also any given major metropolitan area, matching houses, condos and properties with the people they’re best suited to can be a major challenge for real estate professionals. While the market slows down and speeds up on a whim, the fact is that many thousands of newly listed properties can be found each day in a single big city alone.

When connecting your clients to the property of their dreams is a must, real estate agents who are in-the-know turn to the many best apps for real estate investors available across the internet. Whether you’ve got a favorite search tool or are venturing into online real estate tools for the first time, use our list of these five top-notch real estate search tools to help your business focus on what matters – making sales!

1. New York Times Real Estate Listings

New York Times Real Estate Listings

If you’re buying or selling property in the New York City area, there is no resource more efficient and information rich than the New York Times real estate listings. Still gracing the black and white pages of the newspaper itself, the listings are also offered on the New York Times website, featuring a slew of quick search and alerts features to keep you in the loop regarding new listings in your favorite neighborhoods.

New York Times Real Estate Listings

2. Trulia


For a full-featured experience aimed at property buyers and sellers in the United States, there is no online tool more suitable than Trulia. The service covers a wide range of areas including New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Dallas real estate, etc. An entirely realty-focused website, Trulia offers features like integrated Google Maps with satellite view, seemingly endless search field possibilities, search saving and alerts, a full-fledged community to gain insight from and an extensive collection of real estate selling and purchasing guides – all with a membership that is absolutely free!

3. MLS


The king of real estate listings in North America, independently owned MLS offers search-centric websites for both Americans and Canadians with a database of listed properties larger than other any in the world! Offering deep search capabilities alongside an interface aimed solely at real estate listings, MLS allows you to gather detailed information about any property at a glance, providing easy-to-use photo galleries, all aimed at eliminating the need to make first contact with a buyer or seller simply to gather basic information.

Membership to MLS does come at a price given its completeness and real estate agents and avid flippers may find the added benefits worth the price; for the rest of us, searching, viewing and contacting is entirely free of charge and without limitations.

4. Craigslist


Reaching every corner of the world and drawing millions of real estate patrons each month, the long-popular Craiglist is a great spot to find deals and steals from owner-listed properties. Its inherent freeness does make Craigslist a draw for those looking to take advantage but a bit of awareness and a willingness to search promises you gems that cannot be found anywhere else in many cases.

5. Kijiji


Not terribly popular in the United States, eBay’s Craigslist alternative has proven to be a hotbed of real estate listings in many other parts of the world, most notably Canada. The ability to list for free means that many self-sellers utilize the platform and the ability to easily include galleries gives Kijiji a leg up on Craigslist where details and photos are concerned. Like Craigslist, Kijiji is broken down by city so zoning in on a particular area of interest is a breeze!

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