VR/AR accessories are now ruling the gaming world. They simply elevate the gaming experience of the player to another level. High-end VR accessories are now available at the market which is completely designed to meet the user’s needs. Since the popularity of these gadgets is skyrocketing, but due to lack of information, users can’t use them rightly. Therefore, information regarding those cool AR/VR gadgets is important for every digital VR enthusiast. Here is a list of these kinds of VR/AR accessories for gaming.

Acer ConceptD OJO

This is one of the popular and coolest VR accessories that millions of users prefer to use at present. These are not slick like HP Reverb but still, it has occupied the best place in the windows VR market. It comes with two displays together to produce a 4K resolution. In this way, the user will get an outstanding experience of gaming with appropriate control over the game itself. This is the perfect gift for the latest PC users league or similar to that. It provides perfect resolution and a quality gaming experience to the users.  

HP Reverb

With HP Reverb, users do grab the latest experience of the games. This is one of the most interesting innovations for people who play VR games and companies engaged in VR game development. It is also a Windows VR headset and running with two displays that are providing a solid gaming experience to the user. Users shouldn’t be fooled by the similarities and it has been given the digital IPD treatment and retains inside out tracking of the first HP Windows VR headset.  

NordicTrack VR Bike

Grab an outstanding virtual bike experience from the Nordic Track VR Bike. This outstanding virtual bike is available with perfect controls that will cater to an awesome experience in your adventure journey. Presently, most of the gym-goers are now spotting them at the gyms nearby. This is a highly developed specialized stationary bike with a built-in controller peripheral and a control scheme that allows the users to play different games while they are on the seat. There is no need to step-down from the bike each time when they want to change the game. This is the main reason; it has now occupied the best place in the VR gaming industry.

VZfit Sensor Kit

If you are one of those who love VR biking then VZfit Sensor Kit is for you. It delivers an accessible VR biking experience to more people by making its two apps that are available for the Oculus Go Owners. To explore the amazing virtual bike world, you have to install the sensor, a Go headset, and a stationary bike. It has a number of open-ended formats along with WW2-era Skirmish where users can easily maneuver against the opposite players. In this regard, VZfit Explorer drops the player into any of the locales that you have chosen to be dropped down to experience the real-time biking challenges.

Valve Knuckles Controllers

It provides an option to track all four of the long fingers, the standalone Valve Knuckles controllers that are expected to shift how VR games are played on the PC. Boneworks are an extremely interactive physics-based FPS that will easily show off what the Knuckles controllers are capable of, users will get to experience what it is just like to grapple along with the virtual objects using all the fingers.


This is perfect footwear that maximum users do prefer to wear to enjoy an outstanding VR experience. This 3DRudder is a solid addition to the PlayStation VR and it helps to properly tilt the body and spin up to 360°. All these actions can be done sitting on the couch. 

Oculus Sensor

Oculus Sensor is all about providing an outstanding VR experience tracking your little motion. It gets installed in front of the user and provides complete access to the player.  

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS-4

If you are playing any flight game, it is important to get control over the entire craft. Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS-4 gives easy control over the whole game and the craft that you want to guide, and it’s one of the best devices for any serious games development company that wants to create the experience that will be useful not only for playing games but for serious and educational simulators.

Vive Tracker

Vive Tracker is just a small hockey puck device that adds tons of immersion to the virtual reality sessions. It is tasked to bring physical objects to the virtual world.

Woojer Vest Pro Haptic Vest for VR

If you want to grab the real VR experience, it will be best to wear Woojer Vest Pro Haptic Vest. It is designed to take your VR gaming experience to the next level.

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