If you are a heavy tech user, as most of us are these days, it is important to think about your eye care. This is because staring at a screen for many hours every day has the potential to put your eyes under tremendous strain. Having regular eye tests and speaking to a doctor quickly if you notice any changes will both help to protect your eyesight. But you should also do the following:

Wear the right prescription

When regularly looking at digital screens, it is especially important to use the correct prescription eyeglasses. That need not be expensive. There are many different prescription pairs you can buy – for example, you can get bifocal ones that are ideal for reading smaller print on your devices, as well as for looking further into the distance. You just need an accurate prescription, then you can order online.

Keep your glasses in good condition

Clean your glasses regularly and keep them in a case. Doing this reduces the chances of the lenses getting scratched. Dirty or marked lenses are far harder to see through.

It is also important that your glasses sit on your face in the correct place. If they are at an angle or have slipped forward the lenses will not be at the right distance from your eyes. Over time, this leads to eyestrain. If you notice that the arms are loose tighten them up but be careful. It is all too easy to lose the screw or to overtighten things, which can snap the joint.

Take regular breaks

It is all too easy to get engrossed in what you are doing and forget that you need to take a break. If you find yourself doing that, get into the habit set a timer on your phone to remind you to step away from your screen for 5 minutes.

Sit at the right distance from the screen

Sitting too close or too far away from a screen puts your eyes under unnecessary strain. For most people having their laptop or PC screen located about an arm´s length away is about right. Larger screens need to be set up a bit farther away. Generally speaking, the bigger the screen the further back from your eyes it needs to be.

Light your screen properly

Glare makes it far harder to see clearly, so do what you can to reduce it. Pay particular attention to your lighting.

Keep the screen clean

The dirtier your screen is the harder it is for you to see what you are doing. Try to get into the habit of wiping your screen over several times a week. If you find yourself forgetting to do it, consider doing it every day in the morning. This is because when you do something each day it becomes second nature fairly quickly.

Educate yourself about tech and eyesight care

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