Misfit has already impressed us with its Vapor touchscreen smartwatch, which it launched in January of this year. This is why I’m really looking forward to its latest model, the Vapor 2.0, which will be available on October 31st. Vapor 2.0 is, if it’s even possible, even sleeker looking than its predecessor. It still features a stylish round face and snappy wrist band, and will be available in various colors, including jet black, rose gold, silver and gold. There are a lot of smartwatches available out there, but I have to say that the Vapor 2.0 is ahead of the competition in the good looks department, as, in my humble opinion, was the original model.

Misfit’s latest smartwatch will feature all of the same fitness gadgets as the Vapor did, including heart rate and activity tracking. It is also waterproof up to 50 meters deep, has a built in GPS, is compatible with Google Fit and, best of all, has the Google Assistant built right in, so users can use voice commands to pull up aps; all they have to do is start with “Ok Google” and ask what they want. This is an improvement that does not go unnoticed, as people on the go don’t always want to stop jogging or mountain climbing to fiddle with their smartwatch – touchscreen or not.

Another great improvement in the Vapor 2.0 is that it has Bluetooth built in and can play music without the use of a smartphone. Don a pair of wireless headphones and your smartwatch will play music all on its own – and the fact that you’ll be able to ask for songs using vocal commands just enhances this feature tenfold. And Misfit made a smart move by making the Vapor 2.0 compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, even though it supports the Google Assistant and Google apps.

At $199, the Vapor 2.0 is still priced reasonably and competitively. With all that it offers, whoever is looking for a good-looking, waterproof and durable smartwatch shouldn’t overlook the Vapor 2.0. I mean, the watch isn’t even available yet and it has already won no less than 6 CES Awards. That, to me, speaks for itself.

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