In today’s life, almost everyone comes across the need to convert their text to speech. This is where Notevibes text to speech comes to your rescue. They give you the option to convert your text into speech using 157 natural voices. The voices are completely realistic and no one can guess that they are listening to a voice that has been generated through text. For the listener, it will be a completely natural voice.

Also, new features are constantly being added to the website. Currently, you get an advanced editor through which you can manage the speed and volume of the voice. You get the option to save your audio in MP3 or WAV format. You can also create specific profiles that you could always use later and repetitively for your games or any other requirements and won’t have to re-tweak the settings every time you start. This will be a huge time saver for you and your company.

There are different plans as per your needs. If you want to just try out the service then you can go with the free plan. It is for personal use and you could convert 5000 characters into speech. In this, you get the option for 6 languages and 24 premium voices. There is also another pack for personal use which costs $9 per month. In this, you get the option to convert 100,000 characters to speech every month and 157 premium voices in 18 languages. You also get file storage and MP3 download option with this. Now if you are going to be using the text to speech converter for commercial purposes then there is a commercial pack that costs $90/ month. In this pack you get the option to convert 1 million characters every month, you also get an advanced voice editor, file storage option and 157 premium voices in 18 languages.

You can further customize your audio using special tags from the speech synthesis markup language (SSML). Using this you can also add background music to your speeches.

Some of the features of notevibes include the option to keep your files for 14 days, the option to voiceover YouTube videos, add background music, broadcast your speeches in metros and airports. Also, you have complete right over the generated speeches and you are free to redistribute the audio files however you may like. With other text to speech-generating websites, you may face issues regarding redistribution rights but with us, you are the owner of your speeches.

We also have an affiliate program where you can earn 20% commission promoting us for a lifetime. We have a 30-day cookie window.

So, give notevibes a try today and I guarantee it that you won’t be disappointed. If you are still having doubts regarding us then there’s always the free plan which doesn’t have the hassle like other websites where you have to give your debit or credit card details for the free trials. This is a completely free online text to speech converter.

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