If there’s an industry that evolves rapidly and isn’t related to Silicon Valley in any way, then you can bet it has to do with sports. After all, there are millions and millions of people around the globe who watch and practice sports of all types.

And while sports themselves don’t rely on technology, the trends that have taken shape around it do. This industry has proven that it can adapt to any new medium that might arise, and today we will explore the ins and outs of this fact.


People love to talk about sports. And some like to talk about sports with thousands of other people listening in. It’s like radio, but it’s online, and it can be much more engaging than traditional mediums.

The best part about creating a podcast is that you can host it on numerous platforms. Popular platforms like YouTube even allow you to post video podcasts. But many people prefer posting their podcasts over on Spotify because their fans prefer listening in their car while commuting to and from work.

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Fantasy Sports Business

Fantasy sports are another way for bettors to practice their favorite hobby. They came to prominence, especially during the recent pandemic-related restrictions. The good part is that you won’t find nearly as many regulations for this type of ordeal as you would for other betting-related businesses.

If you’re interested, here’s an article about how to start a fantasy sports business. You’ll find a lot of important information that will help you both at the beginning and down the line as well.

5G doesn’t just mean faster internet. With a broader bandwidth also come tons of other benefits. AR viewing options, multiple cameras and angle possibilities, incredible “watch together” features, and so much more.

Sure, you’ve probably seen certain matches that have offered their online viewers such possibilities. However, once 5G is fully established around the world, these features will be so commonplace that even TVs might start to integrate them. We’re truly hyped for what’s next.

There’s almost no doubt that you’ve heard of Bitcoin and tons of news regarding this pseudo-mysterious token. Well, football clubs have started creating their own fan coins. FC Barcelona, AS Roma, Juventus F.C., and Atlético Madrid are just a few examples of such instances.

But how will these tokens work in the future? Surely not everyone will accept trades for them, right? Well, they’ll most likely be integrated into loyalty programs and such. After all, too many digital tokens could have unforeseen consequences on the market.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Many Implementations

Is there anything that artificial intelligence can’t do? Yes, there still are certain limitations. However, what it can do right now is certainly outstanding. And what it will be able to do in the near future will probably blow us away. Okay, if you’ve watched the Terminator series, that might have sounded a little off.

However, when it comes to sports, artificial intelligence has lots of uses that regular folks just don’t think about all that much. For instance, it can be used to actively determine the best course of action for a team so that they can increase their chances of winning. Not only that, but bettors can also rejoice as they can use such an algorithm to make more informed bets in the future.


Younger audiences are harder to keep than older ones were. They like diversity and interactivity instead of doing the same thing over and over again. With that said, video games and real-world sports will most likely be tied more than ever before. It’s the only feasible way to keep Gen Z’s attention stuck onto the subject and potentially increase sales.

What’s Up In the End?

If you’re a sports time, the near future looks bright. There are loads of new things you can look forward to. But we wanna hear your thoughts on the matter. Leave us a comment below and start a discussion.

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