Did you know that the AZ-104 exam is necessary for obtaining the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification? This is one of the most popular certificates today as it focuses on the Azure environment and brings numerous benefits for its holder and the organization in general. Therefore, passing exam Examsnap AZ-104 requires constant training and consistency in developing the tested skills. So, if you want to get the passing score on the first try, then you will need to go through this article to learn more about the topics included in this test’s syllabus.

The Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Structure

Regarding the exam details, its duration is of 120 minutes. During that time, the candidates will need to solve between 40 to 60 questions of different types. The test difficulty is quite high, and the examinees should be prepared enough to get a minimum passing grade of 700 points at least.

Remember about the registration fee that all test-takers need to pay. Currently it is $165. However, this price might differ based on the country chosen by the candidates to take the test. Additionally, the enrolment process should be done on the Pearson VUE platform where you can decide on the date of the exam and how to take it, online or in-person.

Meanwhile, if you can verify that you have been fired or cannot find work because of COVID-19, and have completed the appropriate training, you have every chance of passing this accreditation exam at a discounted fee of USD15.

Now, that you know what to expect in terms of the Microsoft AZ-104 exam structure and its enrollment process, you should find more about the skills you need to advance to get the passing score on the final test.

Skillset Tested in the Microsoft AZ-104

So, are you ready for the preparation process? Then you should know that the candidates who’ve decided to take the Microsoft Certification Exam should demonstrate that they possess solid expertise in the following topics:

Azure Governance and Identities Management

This question portion validates the candidates’ skills in managing Azure Active Directory objects and role-based access control. Additionally, the exam-takers will need to demonstrate that they can effectively manage governance and subscriptions.

Storage Implementation and Management

This test domain verifies whether the applicants can manage and secure storage accounts. Also, they should know how to configure Azure Blob Storage and relevant files including storage tiers, Azure File Sync services, and blob lifecycle management.

Azure Compute Resource Management and Deployment

According to this knowledge area, the exam-takers will need to demonstrate that they can use Azure Resource Manager templates to automate the virtual machine deployment process. As well, they should master how to configure VMs, containers, and Azure App Service components.

Virtual Networking Management and Configuration

As you understand, the test-takers need to demonstrate that they can manage, implement, and troubleshoot virtual networking, as well as secure access to it. They should have strong skills in load balancing configuration and on-premises network integration.

Azure Resources Monitoring and Backup

This section validates the examinees’ ability to monitor resources through Azure Monitor. Moreover, they have to be able to implement recovery and ExamLabs.com .


As you see, diligent preparation for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam helps you understand how to run the Azure environment’s features in real business scenarios. In other words, by passing this exam, together with the certificate you will get a set of first-class skills that will establish you as an experienced specialist, as well as help increase the productivity of your organization. Good luck!

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