Our population is growing and our ability to provide clean water for our needs, for agriculture and manufacturing to the most basic one of all: drinking water is definitely being challenged. Thanks to technological inventions we may come close to solving the water crisis. Here are a few ways technology has helped the water industry.

Metering of Water.

This is the best thing that has happened to water companies and even customers. Smart water meters do a lot more than ordinary meters, users can monitor their water consumption more accurately, identify water theft and when there are leaks. Smart water metre also help you identify when the water consumption is high. Smart water metre also has done wonders for the agricultural sector, it help the farmer know when irrigation is needed it helps alt in water conservation.


Desalination is the process of eliminating minerals from saline water. Technology being used now for desalination uses a lot of energy which is very harmful to the environment. Using the distillation process is not any better, it also uses a lot of energy and can cause environmental destruction. Thanks to technology, a better more efficient way is being created. This new process will be able to run using solar energy and produce more water that the traditional method.

Fog harvesting and condensation.

This is mostly useful in very arid areas. Even in these arid arid areas where there is little to no rain at specific times of the day there is enough moisture available in the air that can be captured and stored for future use. It just requires you to be there at that exact time when there is moisture in the air and you can provide water for areas where there is no other hope for water. Both fog catching and dew catching technology have been of great help to placees where there is no other source of water.

Treatment of wastewater

Treatment of wastewater is one of the best ways to help conserve water. Though only 10% of water used is treated and reused and the technology used to treat waste water may now even help reclaim useful minerals and chemicals and we could be able to reuse those too. Another way wastewater will be useful is by algae growing for the purposes of biofuel production which help in reduction of the use of fossil fuel.

 Rainwater harvesting

Harvesting rainwater has been there for ages. Whether it is just putting buckets outside to collect water when it’s raining it is one of the oldest and most efficient methods of water conservation. The collection of rainwater will help conserve the groundwater and at the same time provide people with clean water. Innovative people are now coming up with a system for harvesting and filtration. This system could be integrated into rooftop collection systems or could be on its own.

Water filtration

In many places water is available the problem is that the water is not suitable for human consumption. In places where the available water is contaminated filtration systems can be of immense help. Some of the available solutions for water filtration are tree seeds use of manure, ashes or using just the sun and the two version of solar stills.

Use of valves to conserve water

A valve is a plumbing fitting that is use to regulate, control and direct the flow of water in pipes. Valves can also help control the pressure of water. Valves come in many different styles with all different functions. For example the ball shut off water remotely without affecting the water pressure, ball valves are widely used in industries and also for residentials. The ball valve provides a reliable tight seal that is almost leak proof which saves a lot of water because it prevent over flow. Valves also help homeowners and industries shut off a water line when there is leakages to prevent wastages before repairs. Industrial valve china have reliable valves for industrial use.

Smart irrigation

The agricultural industry is one of the biggest water waster. From over-watering to over-irrigation. Yes we have done a lot to save water by plant drought resistant crops but it is not enough since we can’t do without irrigation. A group of innovators have come up with a more efficient irrigation process that is the smart irrigation.

Smart irrigation is a system that combines sprinklers with better coverage of your farm and nozzles that detect the level of moisture and adjust accordingly. This technology has enabled farmers to irrigate their plants more efficiently and save water while at it.


The water industry is a very diverse industry and affect so many other sectors such as agriculture, aquaculture, construction and so many other. They say water is life and we obviously can’t argue with that because water affect every aspect of our lives. Due to the urbanisation, climate change and the increase of water use we must all take drastic measures to conserve water.

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