Technology plays a significant role within the auto industry today. It’s incorporated into practically every aspect of a vehicle, including its safety, comfort and entertainment systems. It also controls satellite navigation systems; something which the majority of drivers have come to rely upon.

As technology is so deeply integrated in today’s modern vehicles, there’s been a particular increase in the utilisation of app technology. Here, we’ll look at why app technology is important within the auto industry.

Why is app technology important?

When you think of app technology, you typically associate it with the apps you download from either the Android Play or Apple iStore. However, in terms of the auto industry, it can consist of so much more.

Vehicles are starting to become a lot more dependent upon mobile technology. As cars become increasingly connected to the internet, apps are now used to gather vital driving information such as real-time traffic updates and directions. They’re used to download entertainment for passengers, and some will even be able to tell you where your nearest charging station is for your electronic powered vehicle.

Perhaps one of the most useful apps available within the auto industry today, is the HPI checker app. There’s one available on the iTunes store from HPI Ltd for example, and it can prove extremely useful in the decision to buy a vehicle.

Why HPI checks are growing in popularity

HPI checks are becoming extremely popular as part of the vehicle buying process. Giving buyers vital information about a car’s history, it enables much wiser purchasing decisions. A vehicle check can help:

• Protect buyers against common auto scams
• Provide details of MOT history
• State whether there is any overdue finance on the vehicle
• Show whether a vehicle has been reported as stolen

Buying a used car has always been risky, but thanks to technological advancements such as the HPI check, it has become a lot easier in recent years. The best HPI checkers use the very latest technology to ensure the results presented are 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Overall, app technology has become an integral part of the auto industry. As time goes on, it’s only likely to become even more important to both buyers and manufacturers. It’s even estimated that future apps could help to reduce the risk of accidents by enabling vehicles to communicate with one another on the road.

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