We love our pets. Heck, some people like their pets more than they like human beings. Pet accessory and necessity manufacturers know this to, and for years now have made pet owners’ wallets lighter with products ranging from unfortunate outfits to diamond studded collars. And in this ere of technology, the new best thing is a pet cam, some of which are more intricate and have more function than baby cams and monitors. Here are some of the best ones out there for all you pet lovers.

Furbo Treat

True to its name, this nifty pet cam will disperse treats to your dog while you’re not home. The Furbo Treat is also WiFi enabled and can capture as well as stream video for your viewing pleasure (and to make sure that your fur-baby is behaving). It also features two-way audio, night vision, and it even lets you know when your dog is barking through its mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can get it here for $199 ($50 off regular price) and they’ll even through in $45 worth of treats at no charge to you.

Petcube Play

The Petcube Play may be one of the best pet cameras available (for now, at least). It allows pet owners to watch their pet through a wide angle lens. Equipped with Wi-Fi, it can stream video that owners can watch through its sleek mobile app. It also allows for two way communication, and while it doesn’t allow you to give your pets a treat, it does allow you to play with them via its neat laser pointer. I’m of the opinion that keeping your pets active instead of giving them treats all day is a good thing. It comes in three colors (Matte Silver, Rose Gold and Carbon Black) and is currently available here at a $20 discount for a total of $179.

Logi Circle 2

This camera is super simple to set up, features an easy to use mobile app and can stream Full HD video. It also comes with free 24 hour Cloud storage, ultra wide lens, dedicated night mode and two-way audio – and it’s waterproof. It’s basically all you need to keep an eye on your beloved pet and hear his cute little purr or bark while away from home, and it’s a Logitech product, a brand we already love and trust. It is available here for $180.

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