We last wrote about Mafia MoFo. Today we’re looking at a a free online game called Algadon. It is similar to Mafia MoFo in some ways, though it seems to take the best features from numerous online games and add in its own unique features to comprise an excellent new creation. Algadon is medieval fantasy themed, which is an excellent alternative to all the mafia style games. When you begin playing, you can choose between 14 different character classes (two more options become available to you after you have logged in). They all have different characteristics and benefits. The main differences are the energy gained every 5 minutes, the energy cap, and gold income. The sorcerer and sorceress can use spells, while the other character classes use weapons and armor. In Algadon, not only can you battle other players, but you can also battle bosses. New bosses become available as you level up, and you get more gold and increasingly better item drops from the newer bosses. You also receive an experience bonus when defeating a boss. If no other players are attacking a boss, it can be a challenge to beat them since they have high HP, but it is certainly a worthwhile option, especially with the item drops. You can also place bounties on other players and perform quests (where you can also get item drops). When playing Algadon, new weapons, armor, and spells become available as you level up. It’s important to always get the best equipment possible as they’re a great help in defeating bosses and other players. In Algadon, you can join up and play with other members in a clan, or go on your own. If you decide to join a clan, you can interact with other players in the clan through a private message board, gain access to clan-gold, etc. When you deposit gold into a bank account, you can earn interest on the banked gold, and clan gold also gains interest. Players can send private messages to one another, post messages on another player’s public profile, and more. A very important thing to remember when playing Algadon is to search for treasure every day. You will receive free royal credits, which you can use to refill energy or save up to obtain special items. Check it out! If you enjoy the type of online game, we’re certain you’ll enjoy Algadon, even more so if you’re a fan of the medieval fantasy genre.

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  1. It seems that more and more browser based online RPGs are coming out. Haven’t tried many but I might try this one.

  2. Seems like a really good game – although I doubt anything will be able to prize me away from Call Of Duty at the moment.

  3. It’s sound very interesting game when i read your post. Can i find it in my country indonesia ?

  4. I’ll check it out, but I really don’t need to be hooked on another online game 🙂

  5. Thanks looks very good, is the first time I see this blog congratulations. I hope to be a reader and more.

  6. Sounds like a good game for relaxing to or hanging with friends. Quests are nice to go on in these games, but is there a single player plot line? There are a number of free on line games out there. Many of these games are rather simple hack and slash styled after Dungeons and Dragons. Which has its place. At times I like to immerse myself into something more substantial. I have been an avid PC Gamer and RPG nut for years. After spending weeks on one game I usually like to relax with simpler games during free time. Algadon looks like it might full fill that role.


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  7. I play this game now. Its lots of fun but calling it free is misleading. Yes you can play for free but if you wish to go anywhere in game and have any chance of building a decent character. You HAVE to spend money. Admin keeps releasing new and more powerful items and if you don’t buy them you get left in the dust. Admin has no respect for its players and only cares about mscking a quick buck

  8. That what you write is intresting, so i will try play this game, I hope so its really sa intresing..

  9. I have seen this game posted in Google Ads and websites all over online, I just haven’t had time to try it. I have tested Runes of Magic and Perfect World which both are Free MMORPG games and are very good. Too many games, not enough time.

  10. This is an an absolutely brilliant game. I can highly recommend it to anyone who loves playing RPGs.

  11. Junk game. Very linear you need at least $1000.00 to be competitive, no kidding. run away

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