The web is full of spies that want to take your information for their own marketing advantage. It sounds harmless to the end user but you have to keep in mind that people can do anything with your information. The solution is to use a VPN to hide your identity just in case people steal your information and do mischief with it. The following are 8 benefits of using a VPN.

1. Bypass Geographical Restrictions

VPN allows you to bypass geographical restrictions when you are surfing the web. Some movie streaming services such as Netflix only allow you to stream movies when you are in specific locations. If you use VPN, you can choose your preferred server location IP address and continue to stream the movie from your location. The moderator will not know because it will show the IP address of the VPN server in the location you choose.

2. Overcome Internet Censorship

VPN allows you to bypass internet censorship that is occurring in many communist countries. For example, China does not allow the citizens to access sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The Middle East countries ban the citizens from using VOIP services like Skype. Using VPN allows you to overcome internet censorship incurred by your government so that you can still access the World Wide Web.

Before you access the website, you should already have signed up for the VPN service. It is easy to unblock websites with VPN. The provider usually has a tutorial on how to unblock websites with the VPN application. Unblocking websites with VPN is best done on a personal computer and mobile device.

3. Surf in the Public Hotspot Safely

VPN can protect your private data when you are surfing the web in a public hotspot. The connection is not secure even if the public hotspot wifi has a password. With so many people using the same wifi, it is only a matter of time when people start to try to hack into the network to find out about your data. The hackers can learn about your chat history, emails, credit card numbers, sites you login, login password, and other things you do on the web. VPN can create a hidden tunnel that will encrypt your internet traffic so that there is a significantly lower chance for hackers to spy on your private information.

4. Get Cheaper Air Ticket

It is known for a fact that airline companies like to raise ticket prices for certain geographical locations. Using a VPN to change your geographical location allows you to get the ticket cheaper. You simply need to login into a VPN server that is based in a country with lower living cost. If you are not sure which server to choose, you can compare the prices on different VPN servers and see which ones offer the lowest price. You can also use VPN to get a lower price on booking rental cars and accommodation.

5. Download Files Safely

If you have a VPN, you can download files on the internet safely without being tracked by third parties. The encrypted VPN tunnel will prevent people from finding out about what files you download from the internet. If people know what file you are downloading, they will be able to guess what you are doing and try to target you. VPN makes it safe for you to download the files from the torrent sites.

6. Make Multiple Connections in a Single Subscription

Many VPN services allow you to make multiple connections with a single subscription. You can enjoy up to 10 connections with a single subscription of the VPN service. This means that you just need to subscribe to your VPN once and then you will be able to login into your VPN on all your devices including laptop, smartphone, and desktop.

7. Improve Online Gaming Access

You can make use of the VPN to improve your access to online gaming. For example, you want to play a game that is already released in the US but the game is not yet released in your country. In this case, you can use a VPN to change the IP address to one that is based in the US so that you don’t have to wait for a longer date to play the game. If the moderator found out and logged you out from the server, you can use the VPN to quickly change your IP address and re login to continue playing the game. VPN can also protect you from getting DDoS attacks when you are playing games online.

8. Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

The use of VPN prevents your ISP from limiting the bandwidth of your internet connection. Many ISPs do this to maximize profit – they don’t want you to make use of your internet to download a great amount of data. On the other hand, it could also be that the ISP worries that your server will be overloaded. VPN allows you to encrypt your data so that they are hidden from your ISP. If they don’t know about your data usage, they will not want to throttle your internet connection.

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