If you’re a business owner that hasn’t adopted a social media marketing strategy, you need to know that there is no better time than right now. With almost half of the world’s population active on social media for almost 2.5 hours a day, your posts have the potential to reach millions. Instagram alone boasts over 1 billion users, and a large part of its audience is the younger generation that has embraced the idea of having beautiful aesthetics. And most brands are taking full advantage of its almost 700 million daily active users. Instagram offers businesses the opportunity to grow their brands and launch their products and is an amazing tool to grow your business organically. If you have a business that could use a little more exposure and more Instagram followers, you could also use a growth service like Growthoid. These services target individuals who are your ideal customers and basically do the work for you. But why is Instagram exposure vital for your business? Let’s find out.

Marketing made easy

The benefits of employing influencers on Instagram are amazing. Most influencers have millions of followers – and work wonders at boosting brand awareness and SEO. Selecting the right influencers helps your brand to gain traction in building credibility and trust, and this is a suitable tool for any business as long as values are aligned. Influencers are experts in their field and have immense influence over their followers who trust their recommendations and suggestions enough to invest in a brand. And if you’re struggling with content, they come in handy too. Because these influencers interact daily with their audience, they are experienced in creating quality content that keeps fans engaged, and signing content co-creation deals are beneficial for your bottom line.

Cheaper than agencies

According to statistics, marketing agencies can cost anywhere from $3000 a month. That’s quite a bit for even any brand that’s starting up. It’s really chalk and cheese when compared to the zero cost of signing up on Instagram, and the zero cost of advertising with every post. There are also options for paid advertising to increase your footprint, which you can make use of at any point without breaking your budget. However, with simple tools like a content calendar to create and schedule posts from anywhere at any time, you’re given a chance to advertise as much as you want, and your posts can reach people even outside of your targeted audience.

Brand Visibility

Creative content that portrays your business’s image is vital to increasing your visibility. The stats speak for themselves, with at least 83% of Instagrammers finding new products through the platform. Brands on Instagram are also found to be more relevant, popular, and trustworthy. Improving your brand awareness starts with small things such as relevant profile pictures, optimization bios, and of course, great content that inspires its viewers. Instagram Stories and highlights are also awesome tools to put your business out there, and it’s been proven that consumers will migrate towards brands that they identify with.

Talk directly to customers

Any brand news that communication is the key to building trust and loyalty. This can be difficult without the necessary manpower or tools in place to facilitate good client relations. Instagram is an intimate and personal platform that promotes engagement and interaction with your following and delivers at least 58% more engagement than other platforms. This allows you to provide speedy feedback to customers, inform them about new products and keep them interested in intriguing content.

SEO Increase

If your brand is not ranking highly on any search engines, it probably does not exist. Taking on an SEO mindset is crucial in becoming more discoverable on Instagram, and with Instagram’s latest improvement, users are now able to search for posts with keywords. This is awesome news, and all you need to do is ensure that your posts are keyword optimized in your niche to make you more discoverable. This applies not just to your posts but optimizing your profile name and your bio with relevant keywords offers enormous reach and discoverability. In addition to this, the famous hashtag is an ideal tool to use, and improving your findability is as simple as knowing which keywords to incorporate so that your posts come up under the relevant searches.

Instagram offers enormous opportunities and benefits for any brand that uses the platform for effective marketing. And over 8 million registered businesses on Instagram cannot be wrong. Using the free marketing tool available at your fingertips is central to getting your brand out there.

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