With over 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook and that number again on Youtube, you’ll want to make any online video stand out. This isn’t quite as tough as it sounds though. First, you’ll need to do a bit of planning as well as leverage your tools, including an online video maker.

Making amazing Social Videos with an Online Video Maker

How you define amazing when it comes to your social media videos actually depends on who your audience is and what they want to see. Once you know who you’re targeting when you make videos, then you’ll need to focus on the following points:

  • Know your goals
  • Short and snappy
  • Compelling content with clear headings
  • Audio and music
  • Correct size and shape for your social media platforms

Know your Goals

This might sound obvious but you’re not just making online videos to keep people happy. Whilst that is part of it, you ideally want something from them too. Don’t make a hard sales pitch but make sure you know whether you want to grow your number of followers or if you want them to click on more ads. The messaging and type of template you use on your online video maker will change accordingly.

Short and Snappy

There’s a lot of advice out there about the ideal length of online videos. It actually depends on what you’re sharing when you make a video. Either way, the rule of thumb is the shorter the better. If you can make your point in less than a minute then that’s fantastic. Most people lose attention span after a minute but they’ll decide if they’re going to watch within the first 3 or 5 seconds. Therefore, your opening intro video is key. You can actually specifically make intro videos with an online maker tool.

Compelling content with clear headings

It goes without saying that you need to say something interesting when you customize your video templates. Having said that, you might think that there are a lot of videos and Instagram images that look very normal and almost tedious. Sometimes people want to see other people’s tedious lives because it makes them feel better about theirs. Of course, there’s an odd paradox there but you’ll need to work out what’s going to work for your audience before you get started. Then, make sure your message is clearly stated in text in your videos especially because many people watch without sound if they’re in a public place.

Audio and Music

When using an online video maker, you’ll be able to access the music library and include high-quality audio clips. On the other hand, you might want to drag and drop some of your own content before you download your video. This is often a good idea to help make your online video unique. Nevertheless, make sure that you’ve recorded any audio with a good quality microphone. Although, your video editor can also come in handy to fix any issues.

Correct size and shape for your social media platforms

Now that you’re ready to download your first video, you might think that you simply share across social media platforms. Don’t forget though that they all require different sizes and so you might find that part of your video is cut off. Your online video maker tool can usually help you adapt each video accordingly though.

Why Use an Online Video Maker

Gone are the days of expensive ad shoots and now, anyone who wants to be serious online is using an online video maker for the following reasons:

  • Speed and reliability
  • Professional quality
  • Easy to use and Cost-effective
  • Video is the way forwards

With today’s software, the output quality is professional and you can create videos quickly and effectively. Not only are the online video maker tools highly cost-effective but they’re also very easy to use. Of course, you can opt for the more complex ones with fancier video editing features but either way, you’ll get an amazing output.

Online video as a way of sharing content has exploded in the past few years. This is mainly due to social media but it’s also due to an increasing amount of people online. People are doing more research than ever on the products they buy so make sure you’re part of their research with your eye-catching videos and awesome music tracks.

Parting Words on Making Social Videos with an Online Video Maker

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day and it’s fast overtaking TV as the go-to channel. Anyone who wants to grow their online presence needs to be part of that trend. The perfect way to make cost-effective videos that stand out is with an online video maker. You’ll have all the colors, effects, music, templates, and animations you could possibly dream of all at your disposal. At the end of the day, people enjoy visually pleasing videos so why not be part of their day?

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