Polls were already featured in groups and events since 2007, but now the social media giant is allowing everyone to use them on their timeline – and users will also be able to pick GIFs as their choice of answers. That could come in handy in cases where you want to ask which item your contacts like best or even to ask them which haircut they think would look best on you, but it’s potentially also a fun way to ask quirky questions using fun GIFs as answers. The one downfall is that timeline polls will be restricted to only two answers, and while your question can be as long as you want, each answer text will be limited to 25 characters. The new feature is available on the web as well as both iOS and Android apps.

To create a poll on your timeline, simply go to the same place you would when posting a regular update (either click on compose post or in the “What’s on your mind?” window. Look below the text box and you should see a “Poll” option among the other familiar options like “Photo/Video” and “Feeling/Activity”. Choose the “Poll” option, then write your question in the text box. Next either write the two possible answers in the “Option 1” and “Option 2” text windows, or click on the camera icons to add pictures, or the GIF icon to add GIFS as answers. You can then click on the little clock button located under the second option to select when your poll will expire (1 day, 1 week, Never or Custom). This option is set at 1 week by default. Then you can tag friends if you want someone’s opinion in particular, and hit Post. And ta-daaaa! Your poll is ready for the world.

If you encounter such a post on a friend or relative timeline, you should be aware of the fact that just like Facebook’s earlier polls, your answer will not be anonymous. The poll’s creator will be able to see who chose what option so you should think carefully about your answer and refrain from participating in the poll if you feel that you don’t want to answer truthfully while the poster will be able to know what you think.

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