Day by day Instagram is becoming a top leading platform for business purposes. Instagram has the great potential for the business. This time Instagram has a community of more than 1 billion, and out of this figure 500 million people are using Instagram on a daily basis. This is the reason it is becoming the major opportunity for the business.

Instagram is providing the opportunity to the brands and business corporations to start their business set up over Instagram. No doubt brands can get lots of sales on Instagram. In this article I will tell you about the influencer marketing on Instagram.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Before discussing the Influencer marketing, I would like to tell you about who is the Influencer. Influencers are people who have followers in massive amounts, or in short words you can say celebrities on Instagram. In this marketing the brands start the campaign of their products or services through the influencers, and in return brands pay the influencer.

Instagram influencer marketing is increasing day by day, because it has high potential, but still in this marketing there is no success guarantee. It is just like a gamble. The influencer marketing concept was started from the 2018, and till that brands and business corporations are getting lots of benefits from it. According to a survey 93% brands on Instagram are promoting their business through Influencer marketing. 

If you also want to promote your business through Influencer marketing and want automatic Instagram likes in massive amounts, then we have some trending guidelines for you.

1. Go for Nano Influencer

If you are entering the Influencer marketing for the first time, then I would recommend you go with the nano influencer. Obviously you don’t have much budget in the beginning, so you can’t afford the big influencers. No doubt the big influencers have millions of followers and you can get much better results with them, but you should also take a look at your budget. We would prefer you to go with the macro or nano influencers. These types of influencers have more than 10K followers. Never choose the macro influencer randomly, always check the engagement rate before contacting the influencer. For this you can check the number of likes and comments on the recent. This is how you can judge whether you need to with the respective influencer or not.

2. Promote through Video

Have you ever focused, mostly influencers are promoting the products or services through video. Yes this is true because video is the best mode of conveying the message to the audience. Video has more power to attract the users, this is the reason brands are spending much effort on video creating. That’s why Growthoid is legit. On Instagram you can create the video for different platforms i.e. feed, story and IGTV. We would recommend you create the video for the Instagram story, because 70% of the daily users are spending time on Instagram stories, and this is the reason it is the most popular feature of Instagram. For the story you need to create the video in 15 seconds and it will be online for 24 hours. If you want to upload the video more than 15 seconds then you can upload the video in IGTV.

3. Focus Creative Content

I don’t think so anyone likes his or her work being copied, and similarly Instagram never appreciates the copied content. If you want to be successful in Instagram marketing, then you should be creative. If you have decided that you will promote your business via videos, then you should create unique and high quality videos. Of course you can take the idea from the other brands, but remember there is a difference between idea and copy. In idea you can just analyse the way how they are conveying the message, and how they are designing the content. You have to create your own content for positive results, well you can use the same tool, because nobody has rights on it. But on content every creator has rights. So be creative in your content. 

4. Choose Relatable Influencer

It is the backbone of the whole Influencer marketing strategy. you should choose the influencer who is related to your brand. Otherwise it will show a negative impact on the brand’s awareness. Before choosing the influencer you have to do research well. Never go with the random influencer. For this you have to go through the following list.

  • Influencer should be set in your budget.
  • Influencers should belong to the region where you want to promote your product.
  • Influencers should have a high engagement rate on their posts.
  • Influencers must have a page related to your brand’s niche. For example if you are selling the shoes on Instagram, then Influencer can be a fashion blogger, or etc.

5. Create Long Term Relations

You should develop a strong bond with the influencer, this is how the influencer will put the more effort in your brand’s promotion. For example Adidas has strong relationships with the FC Barcelona club. Daily the FC Barcelona post related to Adidas products for the promotion. You can give the influencer, can pay the influencer with the tip, or something else. One last thing always gives respect to the influencer, and it is the key for strong bonding.

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