Facebook is used for everything these days. And despite the fact that you probably log in to Facebook every day (and most likely don’t even bother to log out), you might not know about these 3 neat tricks you can use on the social media platform.

Know when pictures of you are made public, and have the final say as to who sees them

Sure, Facebook sends you a notification whenever someone tags you in a picture. So technically, you should be aware of where your pretty face is being posted, and by whom. But what if you missed or dismissed the notification and can’t quite remember who posted what where? To see all the pictures you’re tagged in, go to the Activity Log and click on Photos, then Photos of You. You then have a few choices, like seeing all public pictures you’re tagged in and whether or not they appear on your timeline. You can modify these settings using the “edit” pencil icon.

See messages Facebook has sent to your ‘spam’ folder

Technically, Facebook doesn’t even have a “spam” folder. But it does have a “Message Requests” folder, where Facebook sends what it thinks is junk ‘mail’ so you don’t have to do it yourself. Unfortunately, Facebook’s sorting powers aren’t always efficient. Messages sent from people you may (or may not) know or be friends with might end up in there, so it’s worth taking a look at that folder from time to time. Mine usually are messages that I have no interest in, but I once found a message from a complete stranger who shared my last name and who was looking for a long-lost relative. I wasn’t the person she was looking for, but we had a nice chat nonetheless.

Log out of any device wherever you are

Have you ever borrowed a friend’s computer to check your Facebook account while visiting and realized when you got home that you forgot to log out? I have. It’s good to know that you can log out of any device remotely. Just go to “Settings”, then “Security and Login” and then “Where You’re Logged In”. From here, you can see all the devices you’re logged in on and log out of however many you want to, or scroll all the way down to log out of all of them at once.

Now go check that hidden message folder!

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