Maybe Twitter isn’t a spawning ground for 21st-century titans of industry. But it’s definitely a great place to pick up tidbits from business leaders who’ve been around the block.

Budding entrepreneurs assume that they need to follow the entrepreneurial A-list — the Mark Cubans and Elon Musks of the world. And, yeah, those guys are definitely worth paying attention to.

It may also be worthwhile to follow lesser-known entrepreneurs, especially if they are in a similar area or industry. For example, if you specialize in call centers, seek out others in that field to follow.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 16 Twitter accounts every entrepreneur should follow.

  1. The Alternative Board – @TAB_Boards

The Alternative Board is an entrepreneur-friendly organization that aims to connect small business owners and startup founders with useful resources in their geographical backyards. Think of it as a Chamber of Commerce for the 21st century — just way more diverse and way, way more insightful to follow on Twitter.

  1. Young Entrepreneur – @YoungEnt

Entrepreneur Magazine isn’t just for oldsters. Its Young Entrepreneur imprint has its very own Twitter handle that spreads the good word about entrepreneurship to the hip, young, world-changing masses. Hop onboard.

  1. Ted Coine – @tedcoine

Ted Coine is part motivational speaker, part self-help guru, part business expert, and all straight talker. Psych yourself up for the day with his inspirational one-liners, or dive deep into business theory with his long form work.

  1. Jennifer Nguyen (Jenn) – @cozmodiva

Jennifer Nguyen does not have a unique name. (Remember “Jenn” when you seek her out online.) But she does have unique, millennial-centric insight into startups and business ownership, especially in the tech space.

  1. Your Business Pal – @yourbusinesspal

The handle says it all. This is a great resource for budding entrepreneurs who know enough to know that they need to know more to succeed.

  1. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – @Womenseday

Yes, it’s true that every day of the week is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, but @Womenseday is nevertheless there to remind women leaders from all walks that they’ve come a long way — and that there’s a ways left to walk.

  1. Mark Babbitt – @MarkSBabbitt

Colorado-based Mark Babbitt is a leadership mentor who champions interns and is positively evangelical about the potential of positive thinking. Resist him at your peril.

  1. Ingrid Vanderveldt – @ontheroadwithiv

Dell’s first ever entrepreneur-in-residence has made empowering women entrepreneurs her life’s work. Hats off, Ms. Vanderveldt.

  1. Terry St. Marie – @Starbucker

Terry St. Marie is all about “more human” leadership. Empathetic bosses, take note.

  1. Michelle Glover – @enTREEpreneurz

Michelle Glover is a Ph.D-holding geneticist, so she’s technically a doctor. She’s also a stunningly incisive business expert who supports women founders and executives wherever they’re found.

  1. Kelly Lovell – @kellyalovell

Kelly Lovell is all about empowering the next generation(s): millennials, Gen Z, and beyond. Not *too* many Gen Zers are founding businesses yet, but she’ll be ready when they do.

  1. Melinda Emerson – @SmallBizLady

Melinda Emerson is all about “ending small business failure,” which sounds like an ambitious but pretty darn worthy goal. Wish her luck on Twitter.

  1. Sara Davidson – @saradavidson

Journalist and bestselling author Sara Davidson has a formidable self-help and personal finance pedigree. Whether you’re a startup founder with unicorn dreams or a low-key solo professional, her writing is sure to resonate.

  1. Rieva Lesonsky – @Rieva

Rieva Lesonsky is a credentialed small business expert who gives “finger on the pulse” a whole new meaning.

  1. Richard Lorenzen – @rlorenzen

Richard Lorenzen is to small business PR what LeBron James is to basketball. (Sorry, Stef Curry.)

  1. Matthew Toren – @matthewtoren

Matthew Toren is the brains behind Young Entrepreneur and a serial entrepreneur himself. If it involves small businesses, he’s probably had a hand in it.

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