There are plenty of mobile service operators to choose from on the UK market, and knowing which operator to go for can be confusing. Whilst most operators offer an array of packages, some networks are simply better at some things than others.

Today we’re looking at the best operator to choose for various reasons, from those that offer the best business mobile deals to those that have the biggest calling plan options. So, if you’re looking to switch operators, or you’re signing your first mobile contract, then read on to find out which operator is going to be the best for you.

The Best Coverage

Coverage is pretty important when it comes to choosing an operator. Operators have different numbers of cell towers in different areas, meaning that some networks have better service in some areas than others. You can check out coverage on an operator’s web page. Poor coverage is going to give you poor service; you’ll get bad call quality and slow mobile data speeds, and may even find that your phone doesn’t work at all.

If you live in an urban area, you’ll probably find that you get decent coverage with most operators. However, those that live in more rural locations might have more of a problem. In general, the operator that offers the best coverage is T-Mobile, so if you’re having problems with getting service, you might want to look at their plans.

The Best Business Mobile Deals

If you’re looking for business mobile deals then the best company around is going to be O2, for several reasons. Firstly, O2 offers specific business contracts, with calling plans that are geared towards business customers, with high data limits and unlimited messaging. This means that you’ll have the good reliability of service that you need in a business phone. They also offer discounts to self-employed and freelance customers. Secondly, O2 has great deals on contract business phones.

Business phones tend to be high end, expensive models, and signing an incentive contract with O2 can get you a great business phone for little or no money down. And you don’t end up paying significantly more on contract than you would if you bought the phone direct. For business customers, O2 is a great choice.

The Best Mobile Data Plans

Whilst the cost of calling minutes and text messaging is fairly uniform amongst operators, the cost of mobile data isn’t. Data often makes up the most expensive part of your calling plan, meaning that operators often offer low data limits to keep prices down. If you’re an internet addict and want a great mobile data plan then you should look at Three. Three have the cheapest data plans on the UK market, as well as some of the largest. Plus, Three’s All You Can Eat data is truly unlimited.

Many operators offer unlimited mobile data but then employ a fair usage policy. This policy allows the operator to slow down your mobile data speeds if they think that you’re using too much data, even if your plan is supposed to be unlimited. Three do not have a fair usage policy so you can use as much data as you like.

The Best Big Calling Plans

If you’re a heavy phone user then you’re probably getting some pretty hefty bills. The problem with most mobile contracts is that they put a limit on the amount of text messages, calling minutes and mobile data that you can use for your monthly fee. Once you exceed those limits you end up paying some pretty expensive extra charges for any extra services that you use. Big users often break their monthly limits and therefore get big bills.

Heavy users can benefit from signing unlimited contracts that place no monthly limits on texts, minutes and data, but these plans are often pricey. However, T-Mobile currently offers the biggest calling plan for the cheapest price. The Full Monty plan is a completely unlimited contract and costs significantly less than any other comparable plan on the market.

The Best Roaming Operator

Anyone who frequently travels knows how expensive mobile roaming charges can be. With most operators you pay not only premiums for making calls and sending texts from abroad, but also for receiving calls and texts. These charges can add up to a pretty shocking bill when you get home. If you travel a lot and need to use your mobile then the best operator for you is going to be Orange.

You’ll have to sign a regular contract and then add a roaming package as an optional extra to take advantage of their great prices, but it’s worth doing. For a small extra fee each month you can use your mobile abroad for the same prices as you pay inside the UK. Plus, Orange offers the best prices for calling abroad as well. For travelers and those with friends and family out of the country, Orange gives you some great deals.

The Cheapest Operator

When it comes to low cost, Vodafone has the cheapest calling plans on the market. Be aware that these contracts do come with very low monthly limits, particularly for mobile data. However, if you’re looking to sign the cheapest contract that you can get and can keep to the limits that you are given, then Vodafone is the company to go with. These are particularly good contracts for light phone users.

The Best Pay as You Go Operator

If you don’t want to sign a contract and prefer to have a pay-as-you-go phone then most operators will meet your needs. The costs of texts, minutes and data are pretty much the same with nearly all UK operators nowadays. The one exception is Virgin Mobile, which offers more expensive calling minutes than any other network.

When it comes to benefits, Orange probably offers more than anyone else. Their Animal Plan programs will let you choose certain perks each time you load credit on to your phone. However, benefits change weekly as companies offer deals, so it’s worth comparing networks before getting a pay-as-you-go plan.

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