It’s quite obvious that those on the cutting edge of the latest gadgets and technology are simply hooked on all things Apple. This includes the company’s latest iPhone, which offers a wide selection of greatly improved features perfectly suited to tech-savvy users in search of an optimized smartphone experience.

In this respect, the iPhone 6 has much to offer virtually every consumer with an eye on advancing technology. Much of this appeal lies in this device’s numerous revamped features, which afford superior photo capture and video recording, simplified methods of purchasing both online and in-store, and a lightning-fast processor offering 84 times the performance of previous versions. This allows both optimum computing capability, as well as exquisite graphics ideal for gaming and watching videos.


When it comes to technical specifications, the iPhone 6 clearly goes above and beyond what is commonly expected from mobile devices. Advancements range from practical concerns like extended battery life to a selection of futuristic finishes featuring the very latest in attractive colors.

  • Capacity ranges from 16GB to 128GB
  • 7”/5.5” Retina HD display (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, respectively)
  • Fingerprint-resistant screen coating
  • Available in silver, gold, or space gray finishes
  • Maximum brightness of 500 cd/m2
  • Home button features fingerprint identity sensor
  • Longer battery life (up to ten hours of web surfing on LTE)
  • Enhanced image stabilization (available with the iPhone 6 Plus only)
  • Ultra-fast A8 Processor

In addition to the above specs, the iPhone 6 also includes many new and exciting features aimed at amplifying the user’s overall experience. These additions have greatly improved on past designs in several areas that are vastly important to consumers.

Optimum Video Recording

One of the latest iPhone’s most exciting advances involves enhanced video recording capability. Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus allow video recording in 1080p HD, with the option of 30 or 60 fps. This is particularly useful when it comes to shooting things in motion, such as sporting events or capturing footage while in a vehicle. These new recording features offer even amateur videographers the ability to shoot crystal-clear footage under many different circumstances.

An Abundance of Smart Sensors

Sensor technology has become standard in mobile devices over the past few years. In addition to the numerous sensors available in past versions of the iPhone, the latest release includes yet another useful iteration. The built-in barometer enables optimized location tracking when using apps, while also keeping tabs on your exact latitude. This can make more efficient weather tracking possible, which is important for those users who spend much of their time outdoors.

One-Touch Buying Courtesy of Apple Pay

While near field communication (NFC) mobile payments have yet to become a widespread phenomenon, Apple Pay just might change all that. Thanks to the newly implemented NFC chip, the iPhone 6 possesses the potential to render your mobile device into a digital wallet. When armed with a new iPhone and a reliable network, this technology can be used to make purchase anytime and anywhere. While the most difficult aspect of making NFC payments work is getting major companies on board, Apple has been faring quite well in this respect. Partnerships have been forged with numerous well-known retailers, in addition to the top three credit card companies.

Advanced Calling Features (VoLTE and WiFi)

Voice calling has been an ongoing issue for numerous smartphone users. Many cell networks afford subpar service, much to the chagrin of those attempting to make and receive calls. Apple has met these challenges head on with its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) capability. This function can help standardize voice calls, which can then result in improved call quality. WiFi calling is also available to users, which is an ideal option for those low-coverage areas. While these voice calling features are truly notable, they do require participation from your respective mobile carrier.

The Features Users Demand

Staying ahead of the curve is important when new technology is concerned. Of course, such advances require more than simply adding a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles that are sure to lose appeal once the novelty fades. True innovation involves knowing which features consumers require to improve their lives, whether that involves work, play, or a mixture of both.

Fortunately, the iPhone 6 is brimming with a number of great features that smart consumers demand. This falls in line with Apple’s dedication to ardent fans of their innovative products, who often set the tone for future advancements. Accordingly, the company’s latest iPhone is already a proven success to those seeking superior mobile technology.

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