Samsung is one of the biggest companies in the world, and Apple’s direct competitor, so it is not surprising that everyone is always waiting to see what they will launch next.

With that in mind, there’s really no surprise as to why, when looking at Samsung’s lineup, people are still confused as to why there isn’t a Galaxy Note 6 present amongst all the phones.

If you’re one of Samsung’s biggest fans, or if you just happen to noticed there’s a phone missing amongst Samsung’s products, then you’re in luck because we’re going to tell you exactly what happened. Before we continue, if you want to review the current Samsung watch offerings, checkout now.

A little bit of history about the Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Much like any other phone company in the world, including Apple, Samsung has launched their phones in a certain order ever since the very first Samsung Galaxy came out.

This lets people know which ones are the newest models, and, of course, which one is better than the previous one. It has worked for ages, and it’s very likely it will work that way for a few more years.

The thing is after the famous Galaxy Note 5 came out, everyone was expecting to see Samsung’s new release, also known as the Galaxy Note 6, but sadly, that day never came, and Samsung simply launched the Galaxy Note 7 instead.

Of course, the minute this phone came out, everyone loved it and were captured by the many incredible features this phone had, but the question still remained, why is there no Galaxy Note 6?

Samsung and numbers

Samsung Galaxy Note Numbers

Now, don’t get too confused, the reason why there is no Galaxy Note 6 isn’t as deep as many people might think. It actually has a very solid and smart reason as to why they decided to call it the Galaxy Note 7 instead.

You see, Samsung has two main lines of phones, the Samsung S, and the Galaxy phones, and by the time the supposed “Galaxy Note 6” was intended to launch, the Samsung S7 had already released.

This meant Samsung simply couldn’t launch the Galaxy Note 6 since it would imply that their new phone wasn’t up to par with the Samsung S7, and of course, nobody wanted that.

That’s the main, and most important reason Samsung decided to skip the Galaxy Note 6 and simply launched the 7, so it could go along the Samsung S7, and let people know both of these devices are incredible.

So, if you were looking for a bizarre reason as to why there isn’t a Galaxy Note 6, the truth is, Samsung just wanted to pair their two devices up to the same level, and let their customers know they could pick whichever and still get an amazing phone.

Of course, by now, Samsung has already launched the Samsung Galaxy 9, probably their best phone to date, and the direct competitor to the iPhone XS, making your choice for the best phone out there even more difficult.

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