Few days ahead of its unveiling ceremony, the infamous Samsung leaker Ice Universe revealed the new single and multi-core scores for the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. To the delight of all Samsung fans, the reported benchmarks crush the scores of the iPhone X. According to the leaks, the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will feature an advanced in-house SoC much more powerful than its predecessor, the Exynos 9810. The new Exynos 9820 will feature Mongoose M4 cores which are expected to take the top-tier chip’s performance to a whole new level.

How Does the Note 9 Stack Up Against the iPhone X?

For comparison, the iPhone X’s muscular chip, A11 Bionic, scored 10738 for multi-core performance while Samsung’s new SoC scored an unprecedented 12246. The release date edges closer every day and Samsung fans are eager to see the North Korean manufacturer confirm the leaks. If the purported scores are confirmed, it will not be a surprise to see the Note 9 outselling iPhone X in a matter of weeks.

The new Mongoose M4 cores are said to be more powerful than Arm’s latest and greatest creation, the Cortex-A7. The superior new edition of the Exynos chip could see Samsung spreading their reach past the cell phone market and to the PC one in form of mini and hybrid PCs. The new leaks could also mean the new CPU will exceed the 3.00GHZ in clock speed which is a breakthrough in mobile hardware technology. In addition to the reportedly high clock speed, the Mongoose M4 is expected to be more efficient than the Cortex-A76. In devices with sophisticated thermal management, the multi-core performance score should be able to break the 13,000 point barrier.

In addition to its unprecedently outstanding CPU, the new Samsung Note 9 is set to break a new record as far as storage-ready mobile devices go. To the jubilation of many potential buyers, it was revealed in a leaked video a few hours ago that the new device will be released in 512GB and TB versions. The pre-ordering advert was accidentally published by the company’s New Zealand account and it rocked the mobile tech industry. If the advert is indeed true, and we expect it is, the Note 9 will be the first and only of its kind in the market which gives Samsung a significant advantage over its competitors.

It was revealed last year that Apple’s A11 Bionic took 3 years in-development before finding its way to the first retail unit in 2017. Even though it was reported that Apple’s new A12 processing unit will score above the 13,00 points threshold, it might not be enough to thwart the spread of the Note 9 upon release. Unless Apple has a new chip up its sleeve with a higher clock speed and generally better performance compared to the Mongoose 4M to release in its 2018 product line, it’s fair to expect the Samsung Note 9 to overshadow anything Apple is planning to release later this year. This could be a blow to Apple and way to a bigger foothold in the market for Samsung.

Other Competitors

Despite the number of promising leaks we’ve seen recently, the new Samsung Galaxy is expected to face a lot of competition throughout the remaining 5 months of 2018. The Apple 2018 product line is expected to hit the shelves mid-September, Google is preparing the Pixel 3 for an early October launch, the rising Chinese manufactures Xiomi, Huawei, and OPPO are all releasing new devices sometime in the last quarter. Samsung might not have to worry about securing a reasonable window to take a shot at a bigger chunk of the market but this window will not last long before a plethora of competitors starts flooding the market with new products.

Launch and Release Dates

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 will be launched on the 9th of August in New York. The first retail unit is expected to be purchasable on the 24th of the same month. If you live in the US, you can already reserve your device via Samsung’s website. The launch ceremony, hashtagged SamsungUnpacked, can be live streamed on the company’s official website, samsung.com. The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be the focus of the press event even though the new Stylus S-Pen has already been unveiled by Samsung’s Twitter account and is expected to feature in the event.

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