Apple’s iOS 13 updates are rolling out and the company has already started receiving complaints. Some of the devices were getting stuck during the update, some of them have lost the performance while a few of them have started to overheat during use.

These post-update problems are common usually, maybe the development team doesn’t go through proper testing before the final release. Another reason can be a variety of hardware specs and a single release that doesn’t actually fit for each of iOS running devices.

Although Apple has got a utility (iTunes) to help customers with update issues, it is not capable to minimize most of the repairing issues. We’ll talk about some update issues and better utility software that can solve all of your iPhone issues.

Can I downgrade iOS 13 beta?

Yes, you can downgrade to any desired release only if your device compatible with the version.

At the moment, iOS 13 has been released and customers are trying to downgrade the version, we already discussed some of the reasons. Downgrading iOS 13 betas aren’t possible through basic iTunes utility, maybe it requires some firm update to work on the most recent updates.

How to Downgrade iOS 13 betas back to iOS 12?

A downgrade is only possible through a utility program that resides on your desktop as the iOS devices are not sufficient enough to get these updates fixed by themselves.

Downgrade iOS has become a major concern on recent release but an updated utility like dr.fone gets you covered for all downgrade tasks.

Solving iOS Update Problems with Dr. fone

First things first, here’s a list of problems you might encounter after update:

  • Activation Failure: Activation failure is one of the common issues encountered after the update. A message might appear with a white screen saying: “your device isn’t registered as part of the iPhone Developer program…” and voila, your hours of wait have got you nowhere.
  • Continuous Restart: Restart loop is another update failure. Instead of owing maximum performance after a stable update, you find your device restarting after regular intervals.
  • No Support for iTunes anymore: Apple developers update their devices’ firmware right after new series launch but their desktop utility stays the same. With no update, you encounter no-compatibility issues.
  • Cannot make or receive phone calls: What? I’ve got a phone that can’t make or receive calls? Yes, it happens according to the complaints users submitted on social media sites. Specifically, after iOS 13 updates, phones are likely to show no call making or receiving behavior.
  • White/Black screen of death: Black or white screen is another common glitch that users encounter right after the update.

And a few more problems are there, too. The solution is to downgrade to previous iOS version or so.

dr.fone – repair is a well-programmed utility by Wondershare which focuses on update problems iOS users face. From the update to recovery, it covers you everywhere. Unlike iTunes, it offers a 3-step user-friendly interface:

  1. Launch dr.fone on your desktop and connect the iOS device to it.
  2. Download the proper iOS firmware (which is specific to your device).
  3. Click on ‘Fix’ and it will start fixing issues on the spot.

Why dr. fone?

I have been using the iPhone for quite a long time and whenever I encountered updates or performance issues, dr. fone was there to help me out.

Here’s what it offers:

  • Repairing with no data loss: With basic utility like iTunes, you risk your data while repairing with no data loss is possible with dr. fone.
  • Downgrade without iTunes: It works smoothly without iTunes. So we get an updated iTunes as dr. fone.
  • Standard/Advanced Modes: dr. fone has got standard and advanced modes. The standard mode works without data loss while advanced mode works similar to iTunes and it erases all your data.
  • Fast Backup: Unlike iTunes which takes long just to back up a few pictures or videos, dr. fone offers fast and effective backup.

All these are exclusively offered here and no other utility is capable enough to do it. Another thing is its availability for both Windows and Mac. Whether you’re looking to update or downgrade your firmware, or solve ios update problems you can do at your home, all with dr.fone – repair.

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