vivo continues to strengthen its venture in releasing middle-ranged phones and so far, they are successful. Besides this, they also entered catering low-ranged phones to premium ones. But for this article, what makes vivo the number one phone brand when it comes to having mid-range smartphones?

6 Reasons Why vivo Has the Best Mid-Range Smartphones

Here are the top six reasons why vivo is the best phone brand when it comes to mid-range phones.


When we talk about mid-range smartphones, the price has to be somewhere in the middle too. The usual price range of a mid-range vivo phone jumps between $60 to $250. With most releases occurring in Asia, this type of affordability matches the minimum wage earning of every employed person. vivo will equip people with a phone that does not break their budget.

Camera Features

Besides the price point, the number one factor that people consider is the phone’s camera performance. With vivo’s mid-range phones, you get an ample amount of camera features. It usually has a twin or triple camera setup, depending on the model, at an affordable price, you can get a smartphone with 44MP Selfie Camera. It produces clear and vivid camera pictures with the option to edit. The video mode can also shoot up to 1080p and 4K quality. Overall, you get a decent camera performance.

Battery Lifespan

vivo’s mid-range phone typically comes in a battery between 4000mAh and 5000mAh that can last from one to two days with moderate usage. With this amount of battery energy, you can do day-to-day tasks like sending and receiving messages and calls, updating social media networks, binge-watching your favorite shows, and gaming.


In terms of processor, vivo’s mid-range phones run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which improves the overall speed performance of the phone. It is also the key to good graphics and a better gaming experience.

RAM and Storage

Most mid-range phones from vivo come in 4GB RAM and internal storage of up to 128GB. But this is expandable to better cater to your applications and downloads.


It is no doubt that vivo is unique when it comes to the design and build of their phones. Most of their designs are inspired by nature or the universe. It is usually in a gloss coat and shines when struck with light.

Whether you want a phone that fits within your budget, has a good camera setup, lasts for a long time, runs on the latest processor, is equipped with a sufficient amount of storage, and comes in an aesthetic design, the choice is always to go with vivo.

Their mid-range phones are designed to cater to the needs and wants of users that match their lifestyle. Have the latest phone model without sacrificing your financial means.

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