Every year there are lots of phones that hit the market. Some win our hearts and some – thankfully – vanish into oblivion. Here are 3 phones that will grace the shelves within the next six months and – we think – just might win your heart!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 might be the phone of choice for Android lovers, but the Samsung Galaxy Note series has in the S series’ shadows collected its own set of followers that love the huge device.

Yes, the Note 2 can seem a bit old when we compare it to the Galaxy S4, but remember the Note 2 was out with the Galaxy S3 and shouldn’t realistically be compared to the Galaxy S4.

That said, we can expect the next iteration of the Note series later this year. The Note 3, or whatever they might want to call it, is not only highly anticipated but might just be one of the top Android devices of 2013.

According to recent reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will churn out power via a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 in the US. Outside the United States we can expect the Samsung’s Exynos octa-core chip.

The display should be – as per the rumor mill – around 5.5 – 6 inches and the screen will not be anything less than a 1080p Super AMOLED which the Samsung Galaxy S4 sports.

Another report suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might support a radical new camera. According to the report, the camera will be 13MP and boast active image stabilization and a 3x optical zoom. The optical zoom will need movable lens elements and a larger camera module, but on the other hand will give you capability to zoom without sacrificing resolution.

Having said that, do expect the Note 3 to be expensive, as Samsung would not want another entrant in the cheap “Phablet” arena where the Samsung Mega has recently been launched.
Although there is no date for release yet for the Note 3, do expect an announcement at the IFA trade show 2013.

Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z

Sony has thus far failed to design a phone that captivates consumers. This year Sony launched the Xperia Z in another attempt to woo consumers, but alas it was quickly sidelined by the likes of Samsung and HTC with their new phones. The competition had better specs and carrier tie-ins to their advantage, sending the Xperia Z to oblivion.

Sony has, however, not given up. It has a new product on the production line. Codenamed “Honami” it is expected to be eventually called the Sony i1.

The rumors around this phone are amazing. They say it’s going to encompass a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a 5+ inch 1080p display, and a crisp 20MP camera. Also rumored is a Cybershot branding for the camera. This – if true – will hype the super-high resolution. Although megapixels don’t translate into good quality, with Cybershot on its side expect something amazing from Sony.

The “Honami” or the Sony i1 is expected to hit stores in the fall and could be announced as soon as the end of summer.

The Next Nexus

Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

Google is clearly committed to creating new Nexus phones in order to have a flagship of its own. At D11, Googles’ new Android boss, Mr. Sundar Pichai, also mentioned that they will continue to make first-party Nexus hardware.

As always, the next Nexus phone will come dressed in the latest version of Android. This is not something new as Google always launches a new Android version with its Nexus phones. But the good thing is that with the Nexus, people are also expecting the latest Android version.

What is certain is that the next Nexus phone is already under development. What is also certain is that LG is not going to make it this time around. LG has clarified that they are not currently working with Google for the next Nexus, but won’t mind working on it if asked to. But like I said, the phone is definitely under development now so LG is completely out of the question.

As with all previous Nexus phones, it’s not going to be very expensive and we sure hope that Google does not breach the $300-350 mark!

Nexus season is generally late-mid fall of 2013 so hold on to your current phone till then if you want a brand new Nexus with the latest Android.

Which phone are you most interested in buying?
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