In the world today, there are many threats that face businesses. Competition from rivals and countries, environmental factors, regulation, and societal changes can all play a factor. Cybersecurity might be the most important of them all. Every day, networks across the world are being attacked to gain unauthorized access. Some of these attacks are designed to steal intellectual property, others are designed to take down a website or pertinent web portals.

Any security breach is a potential nightmare. If you haven’t reviewed your security protocols lately, you might want to immediately. It is important to review your companies cyber security audit checklist.

The first thing a company should do is take a hard look at their current protocols. Everything should be taken into consideration for review. Any company should have a procedure in place to review its cybersecurity annually. How is your outside network security? What sort of things does your company do to protect from insider threats?

Every nut and bolt should be broken down for analysis. It is important that everyone in the organization has a shared responsibility for cybersecurity and data protection. It only takes one bad actor, to jeopardize an entire organization. With the landscape of regulations and standards constantly changing, it becomes a legal responsibility to ensure your data and network are protected.

It Should Be Your Security

When looking at the overall scope of network and security, the list can be daunting. Make sure that first and foremost, the servers are secure. This should be the bare minimum. Company servers should be limited to only a few employees, preferable with key-card or bio-metric access. The same thing is true for Wi-Fi and internet connections. A company needs to make sure that they have up to date anti-virus protection, a solid firewall, and a limited web browser for non-critical employees. These things alone, will go a long way in protecting an organization.

A company should also consider real-time networking and systems monitoring. This can help stop any threat in its tracks before serious damage can be done. Another thing to add to the list is ensuring that communications and data transfers are encrypted. This goes hand in hand with a proper backup system, in the case would be attackers try and reroute the network or data. As you can see, your security list can get quite large, quickly.

The best thing outside of an annual comprehensive review is to work with the best in the business when it comes to protecting your business. It is best to work with a third party that can create full scale, customized solutions for a business or enterprise. There are top flight companies like EKRAN, that make their sole focus network and cybersecurity. Each company and their requirements will vary differently. Make sure that a customized solution is available to your organization. It is important that daily cybersecurity threats are taken seriously. Do not wait until it’s too late to protect the assets that are most valuable to your company. Get your list, and check it twice before it’s too late.

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