There are plenty of security devices and gadgets that are quite well known and widely employed. We just keep coming up with new ways to defeat those burglars. Clearly, staying on top of these things is necessary, so the more, the merrier.

For many, there’s a lot to bear in mind with all this equipment. You have to stay on top of all the little details of setting up, ensuring they’re working correctly, and so on. We’ve become accustomed to using and managing codes for multiple devices.

Open Up Your Yard

Sometimes, in all the fuss and bother, we tend to overlook far more obvious things. For instance, when burglars select a home to break into, there are certain things they’re looking for. These things can be changed to make your home less appealing to them.

When choosing a target for robbery, it can be a huge bonus for a burglar when there’s a lot of natural cover in your yard. This enables them to move unseen around your home, to assess their next moves.

By simply clearing away obstacles, you can make your home less of a target, to begin with. This means trimming hedges quite low, for example, and clearing out brush wherever it collects. Now, there’s far less shelter for the criminal to work with, in the first place.

With a few rather minor changes, you can set up your front yard in such a way that the burglar has to run a serious risk of being seen. With the addition of some well-placed motion sensors and lights, a criminal would be strongly dissuaded from entering.

It really is a case of prevention being better than cure. Making your home less appealing to the thief at the outset just makes sense.

Timed Lighting and Appliances

We’ve all heard about the old trick of leaving lights or the TV on when not at home. The thing is, burglars are also in on the trick, so it doesn’t help. If anything, a burglar who notices the lights and TVs running all night and day will know the house is empty.

Now, there are better options for this old ploy. You can set your lights and devices to switch on and off at seemingly random intervals. This way, your home lighting and appliances can be made to mimic ordinary human usage.

A would-be thief lurking in his vehicle will now notice that someone seems to be personally activating certain lights in the home. This could be the way to avoid being targeted in the first place, causing the criminals to pick somewhere else instead.

Auditory Monitors

There have been quite a few innovative camera-based security devices hitting the market of late. Some of these monitor your doorbell and can even stream images directly to your mobile phone. These are great options if you’re looking to install a new system.

However, they aren’t the only kind of monitoring device that you can use. There are also listening devices that function in a similar way. For example, there are ways to adapt the Alexa device to listen inside your home when you aren’t there.

These can be connected in such a way that you receive an alert, and once the device is triggered, it also begins recording. In this way, you can record images from outside your home, as well as audio from inside.

Some of these types of devices can also produce a siren alarm, which further adds to their tactical use. Additionally, with all the recordings stored, you can provide the police with some good details that could assist in capturing the offenders.


Keeping our belongings safe and sound is a priority for all homeowners. After all, it’s a central function of the home itself. This is true not only in the financial sense, but is deeply rooted in human psychology too.

Home is all about safety and security when you think about it. Putting little things into place can make your home less appealing to criminals, which is the ideal outcome. This doesn’t mean that you can skimp on securing your home in other ways, though.

These small hints are intended as a way of bolstering your existing security plans, and will not suffice on their own. In certain areas, criminals are very determined. You should be every bit as determined as they are.

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