According to the U.S. Census Bureau, New York City contains about 220,000 companies, 98 percent of which are small businesses (with less than 100 employees). In this universe, it’s practically impossible to make yourself known without a good investment in marketing and a constant digital presence. This can be through your website and blog and on social networks.

It can be challenging, even overwhelming, to handle the marketing duties of your business yourself. Why not have someone worry about it for you? Hiring a marketing agency was formerly associated with large companies and brands. Today, it’s simpler and more common than it looks and can save you time and money.

You should look for several aspects in a marketing agency to make sure your company’s needs are adequately met.

Vision Alignment

An efficient marketing strategy must cover all aspects of your business. Today, more than ever, the actions of a brand or business reverberate very quickly among its consumers, which can be devastating in the event of negative action.

Therefore, the marketing agency you choose must align with the mission, vision, and corporate social responsibility of your business. Some agencies already arrive with expertise and knowledge, trying to practice the same strategies that were successful for other clients. You must ensure that such practices make sense and dialogue directly with what your consumers know and expect from your company, products, and services. Use a marketing strategy template beforehand to clearly define your vision and present it to any potential marketing agency.


NYC marketing agencies help scale up your brand image. Be sure to choose one that offers beneficial qualities. Professionalism is always a determining factor—the best of services can be compromised by the lack of a professional attitude.

You should always research the background of the agency you intend to hire. Make sure how their organization works, try to find out who the directors and members are, and what experience the agency has with companies in your industry. They should have good reviews and a professional attitude, with proven work to back up their words.


Marketing is an important investment, but this doesn’t mean that you should hire the most expensive agency to take care of it. Before signing, do some research to make sure the price is fair. And although the cost of hiring an agency usually pays for itself in the end, you need to have a well-defined marketing budget before choosing.

A clear budget describes all the money you intend to invest in marketing-related projects during the quarter or year, so the contracted agency will know exactly how much they can work with. When budgeting your marketing expenses, evaluate how much you plan to spend on:

  • Paid advertising
  • Sponsored web content
  • Blog or website with registered domain
  • Content creation
  • Ads on search engines
  • Promotions on social media

Client List

When choosing an agency, look at their current client list and identify who the professionals worked with formerly. It’s a great way to ask for references and find out what practical results these companies achieved.

The agency’s website usually shows samples of previous work and partnerships, giving you an idea of what they are capable of. Also, try to hire an agency with previous, successful experience with your area of expertise. For example, if you have a restaurant, look for an agency specialized in this industry whose professionals already know its specifics.

Realistic Promises

A good marketing agency usually points out guidelines for you to better understand your business, identify which areas need to be better explored, how your customers are interpreting your products and services, etc. They don’t have miraculous formulas but strategies designed for the needs of your company.

Always be wary of agencies that come up with absurd or fanciful promises because they can be fraudulent. Agencies should strive for quality and realistic promises based on trends and technology (SEO, branding, social media, etc.). Their professionals will analyze this data to measure how your business is doing and which marketing strategies can improve the results.

A Successful Brand Needs Good Marketing

The time when it was enough to put an ad in the local newspaper or install a billboard for your business to stand out is long gone. Today there are so many different marketing tools and strategies that it can be challenging to offer the best to your customers, both current and new ones you intend to conquer. The services of a marketing agency can help you in this process, freeing you from the complex process of thinking about a marketing strategy and executing it successfully.

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