As we head towards 2020, there can be no doubt that creating an impressive cv for today’s job market is a tough task.  How long should a modern cv be?  What are the most important points that you should include?  Should you include a photo of yourself or is that not important?

There are so many aspects of a cv that must be given careful thought and not only what to include and leave out but other important points such as what to divide into sections and what sections – do potential employees actually want to see?

Sounds pretty confusing – doesn’t it? 

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed when sitting down to draw up your cv, you’re not alone.  Most people find this a daunting task.  Let’s face it, landing the perfect job is on the line, so you’ll need to put your best foot forward.

The future of skills as part of your cv

It’s also important to note that including solid skills in your cv is very important for today’s job market as more and more businesses have a strong need for employees who have all-round experience.  With the digitalisation of everything, this worldwide trend of strong demand for digital marketers has created many career opportunities not only in the field of marketing but also for many jobs of the future.

So, what’s important when it comes to furthering your career by creating the perfect cv? 

Well, to start with there are many trends happening in the busy world of careers so securing your next ideal job is no easy task.  But don’t fret, the good news is that there are tried and tested techniques as well as standard rules to apply when creating a cv that will stand out from the crowd. 

Focus on your skills

In many ways the internet has made finding your ideal job a lot easier, however, this convenience is a double-edged sword as the world wide web has also made it much quicker and easier for employers to find their ideal employee.  This means that your cv has to dazzle a potential employee from the second they lay eyes on your curriculum vitae. 

Studies show that the most important aspect of a person’s cv for employers is the information on the candidate’s skill set.  It’s vital to understand that your cv is not a ‘one-fits-all’ document and where possible, it should be tailored for a specific job vacancy.  While this may not always be possible, it’s a good idea to always include your most important and relevant skillset.

What sections must be included in your cv?

Everyone in search of their ideal job wants to impress and so most people end up stuffing their cv with a lot of useless information.  You may have won an award in horse show jumping but what use is that information to a company that is looking for a competent digital marketing manager?

Here is a list of absolute ‘must-have’ sections to include in your cv.

  • Personal details, such as first and last names
  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Education achievements
  • Skills

You can also add a couple of extra sections – just keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to add too many extra sections as sifting through thousands of CVs can be tiring and no one wants to read a long-winded ‘story’ of your entire life. Accordingly, if you would like some expert advice on what to include in the different sections of your CV, you can find some helpful information on the ARC Resumes website here:

Here are a few extra sections that you may add to your cv but remember don’t overdo it.

  • Languages
  • Professional memberships
  • Awards
  • Professional certifications
  • Publications

Should hobbies and interests be included in a cv?

The short answer is – no.  Why? Well, simply put when a company is looking to hire a professional and competent employee what this person does in their spare time for a hobby or interests frankly is of little value.  An employer certainly wants to hire a well-rounded person but talking about your hobbies and interests should be saved for when you are asked about them, perhaps at an interview.

Remember employers want to see where and how you can add value to their company and more specifically to the job being advertised.  When writing your cv focus on how you would contribute to a company and how your skillset is perfectly suited.

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