We often associate messes with guilt. Messes come into our lives when we color outside the lines, when we’re perhaps a little more indulgent than we are used to. Moments like these can bring on a bit of apprehension, but it’s nice to have a nonjudgmental robot in your corner, sucking up the evidence. In the Neato Robotic Vacuum’s latest ad campaign, we’re presented with five videos, two of which stand out to me as I write this bit.

The first one is a pretty young woman waking up after what she quickly realizes was a one-night stand. But as her paramour pulls his smiling bearded face from beneath the covers, the bleary-headed woman is pleased to see that he is good looking and gracious. She quickly tries to arrange her hair as his back is turned pulling himself from the bed. He offers her breakfast as he stands fully upright, and the woman lays eyes on all of him for the first time. His back is covered in a forest of long, thick, brown hair. Leaving to make the meal, she pulls a single long hair from off her tongue. The Neato Vacuum in-obtrusively trundles over to clean up the mess.

In the other video a middle aged woman is looking for a late-night snack in the refrigerator. Her eyes pass over veggies and leftovers and settle on a single brownie on a plate. Guiltily, she picks the brownie and quickly gorges most of it, without even closing the door. The crumbs fall the the floor at her feet. Aghast at breaking from an apparent diet, she throws out the remaining brownie and leaves the room, only to quickly return and dig it out again for enthusiastic consumption. Again, the Neato is there to swoop away the evidence.

Life is like both of these ads. Sometimes we just need a little robot companion to come along and make our lives a little easier. Neato can be that for you, and it won’t make any judgments.

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