John von Neumann was a Hungarian-American computer scientist, mathematician, polymath and physicist. He was one of the most prominent people at Princeton University which is why it is not surprising why his name is often mentioned in Princeton supplement essays. A lot of applicants decide to dwell upon a famous person who serves as a role model for them in their Princeton supplement essays. John von Neumann is mentioned very often.

Child prodigy

There is no need to highlight that John von Neumann was a child prodigy. At the age of six, he was already able to have a conversation in Ancient Greek, as well as to divide two eight-digit numbers in his head. John von Neumann was born in Hungary, so a lot of his education took place there. Yet, he moved to different countries later on including moving to the United States of America where he worked with Oskar Morgenstern and Alan Turning at Princeton University.

What is vital to highlight about geniuses is that they also encounter studying difficulties despite demonstrating exceptional abilities and skills. What is more, they are also worried about such things as Princeton University acceptance rate just like everyone else. It may sound surprising but the task of writing a Princeton supplement essay may be quite frustrating even for those who were born a prodigy. Surely, what should also be mentioned is that dealing with Princeton essays is not easy.

Time at Princeton University

The first time John von Neumann visited Princeton University was when he was invited to give a lecture on quantum theory there. There is  no doubt it was an unforgettable experience for those who got the chance to be there. Perhaps, this event is even mentioned in someone’s Princeton supplement essay as one of those things that had a huge impact on a person. While giving that lecture John von Neumann was still a faculty member of the University of Hamburg.

After that lecture, Neumann was invited to return to Princeton university to become a visiting professor. This is another life event that is often specified in those Princeton essays in which an essay writer is required to dwell upon the genius of John von Neumann. In general, focusing on the period of time which John von Neumann spent at Princeton University is rather common for applicants dealing with the task of writing a Princeton supplement essay.

The genius of John von Neumann

John von Neumann has developed a lot of important theories in the field of physics and mathematics, and managed to prove them. Apart from that, he was also involved in the Manhattan Project. Due to being a genius, it did not take him long to develop an expertise in the science of explosions and join the team. Speaking about his other scientific achievements, he wrote papers on set theory, game theory, operator theory and ergodic theory. What is more, he introduced a description for a computer architecture back in 1945. It is now known as the von Neumann architecture. It comprises the basics of a modern electronic digital computer, such as:

  • A memory unit to store instructions and data
  • A processing unit
  • A control unit
  • Input and output mechanisms
  • External storage

Taking everything into consideration, John von Neumann was a computer science genius whose discoveries helped us advance in the process of creating a modern electronic digital computer. Apart from that, he was also the one who invented the merge sort algorithm. All in all, John von Neumann was an extremely influential figure in the world of computer science, mathematics and physics. Interested in becoming an expert in this field? If yes, ComputerScienceHero will help you start your computer science career this year.

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