Who could better appreciate R2D2 costumes more than people who love gadgets? Check out the huge variety and we challenge you to share any you have seen.

Young costume designer Henry created this costume or his white albino mouse – or is that a rat? Either way, you can find out more about Henry on his site Ringo’s Rat Tales.

Dress your rat up as R2D2

We have an R2D2 rat so we must need an R2D2 Cat

R2D2 Costumes for Kids

The cutest R2D2 costumes are for children. Here are some of our favorites:

Home-made R2D2 costumes for kids

Nathan’s mom made this R2D2 costume from Tyvek, a clothes hamper
and various tapes (duct tape, electrical tape, Tyvek tape)

Make an R2D2 costume out of a cardboard box

I don’t know what it is about this R2D2 from a cardboard box? –
but we like it. Found on Twicsy. Shared on Twitter by @Nooli68

R2D2 costume for toddlers

Adorable Star Wars Clothing for Toddlers

Image Credit: eSpecial Needs Blog

How To Create A Special Halloween Costume For Your Child

R2D2 Costume won costume contest for tiana martin

Tiana Martin won Best Individual Costume for her R2D2


Even Wired.com shares How to Create Your Own R2D2 Costume

How to make an R2D2 costume

R2D2 Costume Mom Blogger and Etsy Seller Morgan Moore made

Laundry Hamper R2D2 costume

Make your own R2D2 costume out of a laundry hamper.

c3po and r2d2 couple costumes

If you want to make your own homemade costumes check out the other
R2D2, C3PO and Star Wars costumes at Coolest Homemade Costumes.

Image Credit: Flaming Zombie Monkeys

Have you seen a great R2D2 costume we should include here?
Share a link to it in the comments and we will put the best ones into the post,
with attribution to the source and who shared it.

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