When SMS trackers originally hit the market these apps were often billed as way of protecting your children from internet predators and those who would lead them astray and while some parents did use these apps to keep track of their children and who their children were associating with thus helping them to keep their children safe even when their child was away from home by being able to know who they were texting, calling, and messaging as well as their GPS location.

However, it soon became clear that these spy apps could be used to spy on other people in your life. Employers in certain jobs were soon issuing employees with cell phones with SMS tracking devices all ready installed. Employers could then check and see if their sales force was making their scheduled rounds, using the phone for unapproved calls, and could check their text messages to make sure they were doing their job and not fooling around during working hours.

The most frequent use of the SMS trackers, however, became the spying on boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses. Insecure of suspicious significant others would use these spy apps to keep track of where their partners went, who they spoke to and to see if they were cheating on them. Some users of this app wanted to see if their feelings that their partners were cheating was, in fact, a reality, while others simply wanted to confirm that the person they loved was being faithful. In either case, using an SMS tracker to spy on your significant other could potentially save or ruin a relationship. Here are the pros and cons of using an SMS tracker to keep track of that person you love or are in a relationship with.


  • SMS trackers give you the ability to verify what you all ready feel is happening in your relationship. By knowing what your significant other is doing when you are not around you can then have options about whether to continue the relationship or move on to one that is healthier.
  • Using an sms tracker to tracker a loved one can help you identify anyone who is trying to interfere in your relationship.
  • A SMS tracker can help you rest easier knowing that someone you put your trust is indeed trustworthy.


  • Using an SMS app to spy on your significant other without their consent may be breaking state and Federal laws and you could end up in jail or facing criminal charges.
  • Solid relationships are built on trust. Should your significant other discover that you have been spying on them it may well ruin a really good relationship because your loved one may feel, (rightly so) that you do not trust them.

Today with stalking becoming such a large issue you don’t want to be put into a position where you are seen as a stalker or where you are being stalked via an app by someone else. And in the end you don’t really need one of these apps to check on your relationship anyway since if you already suspect your partner is cheating or can’t trust a partner who has given you no reason to doubt them your relationship is already doomed and it is better to end the relationship now rather than continually drive yourself crazy looking for reasons not to trust your partner.

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