If, like me, you don’t live out in the boonies where you can build a campfire, it usually means that campfires are reserved for camping trips. If you enjoy campfires, and cookouts, then Biolite’s new FirePit might be just the thing for you, because it allows you to do both, and virtually anywhere.

The FirePit is a portable combination grill-fire pit. It only weighs 18 pounds, making it easy to carry – albeit probably not on very long distances. It features folding legs and, as Biolite calls it, an “X-Ray Mesh” that allows you to see the flames while you sit back and relax. The grill can be moved up or down, depending on the type of food you’re grilling (even accommodating hibachi style cooking!), and a fan controls just how high the flames are. A neat feature is that the FirePit is equipped with Bluetooth technology, so you can control the fan speed (and thus the flames’ height) without getting up, using the Biolite app (available for both Android and iOS devices). A solar panel carrying case is also available for an additional $60 (free of charge if you pre-order on Kickstarter), so the FirePit can be charged using solar power. Its battery is also removable, making it easy to take it inside and charge it. Another great feature is that thanks to the fan, the FirePit emits little to no smoke, regardless of the type of fuel you use (either charcoal or wood).

Cleaning up the FirePit is a breeze thanks to a little trap door located underneath the unit, through which ash and any residue can be disposed of. There is no need to nurse the flames other than maybe adding fuel as it burns, so you can enjoy your food and the warmth of the fire without fuss. Biolite’s FirePit will be available sometime in May of next year and will retail for about $200. Again, those who pre-order will receive the solar panel carrying case for free, so if this unit is something you’re considering buying, it’s in your best interest to purchase it sooner rather than later.

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