Wondering why your ebook isn’t attracting that many readers as you expected? Wondering what went wrong in your aim to market your ebook among the successful ones?

Well, worry no more because you have come to the right place to learn all about how to market your content better!

EBooks are a traditional way to publish your content and convey your message through the online medium. The widespread adoption of online media sharing platforms has considerably increased book readers’ audience over the past years. People are reading everything online. It allows everyone to access millions of books and other kinds of content on a single device, rather than carrying the hard-copy books with them, limiting their capacity.

Even though writers don’t commonly think of marketing as a process, it is one of the most critical factors contributing to your ebook’s performance in the market. There are probably millions of eBooks present online, with new books published around the globe every day. Yet, what is it there that helps you stay above all those releases? It is the right kind of marketing!

Marketing your eBook is essential to determine the success of your content. On the contrary, even the slightest mistakes in the process can completely derail all your efforts. Hence, here are six common mistakes to avoid in marketing your eBook to prevent failure.

6 Common eBook Marketing Mistakes:

  • A Lack Of Research:

Marketing any product in a competitive market requires market research regarding the demand and adequate supply of that product to work. Similarly, creating content based on a hunch or understanding the audience’s tastes is likely to make your eBook fail. Consequently, figuring out how to make a digital book work? It must include the research regarding the audience demands. It could effectively help the writers to create content that satisfies the demand-supply gap. Even in promotion campaigns, eBook promoters should know what to write in promotion articles and more to attract relevant audiences. Rather than using generalized content.

  • Absence of a detailed marketing plan:

A marketing plan is essential to the success of any promotional campaign. Such similarity to marketing eBooks online as effective online marketing entails promoting your content over various platforms through different content types. The lack of a marketing plan can then lead to unplanned posting with minimum effect. Besides, missing out on the pre-launch and post-launch marketing tactics’ benefits are very useful in online marketing. It could lead you to fail to engage your audience on multiple platforms and, consequently, miss out on potential customers.

If you are a new writer, you need to explore unconventional avenues to become popular. One great tip would be to release your book on torrenting platforms and spread awareness. Once you do this, people are going to become aware of your E-book and your author status.

  • Using a single type of content:

A typical hard copy of a book often contains plain text’s monotonous use as an acceptable practice. The online world’s diverse and mutable nature allows eBooks to be much more interactive than typical books. EBooks enable the writers to use a variety of content types to express their thoughts and stories. It helps the writers to portray their emotions in methods that they feel effectively can convey the message. Similarly, the use of images, videos, infographics, and much more also satisfies the reader’s need for engaging content. Although, writers to this day neglect their capability to add multiple types of content in their eBooks, often leading to failure.

  • Not using SEO to market organically:

We have often heard the phrase “Content is King!” in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry. There are various best practices in the industry to help your content stand-out in the organic search results. Content is indeed a king when it comes to market your product over the internet organically. Luckily, you have an eBook, and it has loads of content. The writers need to recognize the subject of their content, conduct keyword research, and optimize the content accordingly. Yet, most writers fail to realize the potential of SEO content and suffer the consequences.

  • Not producing generally relevant content:

The term generally relevant content refers to the type of content that remains relevant for the general masses regardless of the time. For example, an eBook regarding the effect of cold climatic conditions on UK audiences’ buying patterns is not generally relevant. It caters to a specific need of content about a particular geographical region and season. Instead, social media use for marketing is usually appropriate for all the audiences using these platforms. Hence, writers today often focus on specific event-based topics, leaving their eBooks to remain relevant for only a limited audience.

  • Over marketing or Spamming:

The act of spamming your audience remains unacceptable in any form of marketing. It can easily annoy the customer to act against the product, becoming an opposing marketing force quite quickly. That is where the use of a marketing calendar becomes extremely useful to maintain the marketing efforts acceptably. Yet, several eBook promoters often neglect the fine line between aggressive marketing and spamming, leading them to failure.

How to effectively market your eBook:

The key to effectively market your eBook is cleverly well-hidden in its most common mistakes. Such that the process of selling your product starts with an extensive plan. By separating different marketing plans, including aggressive and regressive marketing tactics for pre-and post- eBook launch. Similarly, the need for creating compelling and engaging content and product descriptions for various platforms is of paramount importance. Furthermore, efficiently incorporating the best SEO practices like keyword optimization in your content is critical for your ebook’s online success. Setting up realistic and achievable goals for your product is essential for writers not to disappoint the results.


Conclusively, the emergence of eBooks and the mainstream use of the internet has undoubtedly expanded the potential for eBooks. Yet, it is often due to the writer’s not taking the marketing process of their product seriously, leading to its downfall. Even in cases where writers try to market their products, they often make silly mistakes. That is why you must keep in mind the six common mistakes to avoid as an eBook writer to achieve success. You can quickly achieve success in marketing your eBook content if you prevent such slips and maintain a swift marketing strategy for the future.

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