The world has become more health conscious in the past few years, what with holistic living becoming a trend that doesn’t appear to be going out of fashion any time soon. More importantly, an increasing number of people are becoming fitness conscious.

The desire to be in good shape seems to be the latest lifestyle choice, with television advertisements majorly promoting a healthier body image. Many fitness gadgets have also hit the market in the recent past.

Fitness gadgets are very handy for they tell you everything you need to know about your workout –distance covered, the cals you burned, your heart and pulse rate, etc. Now you can get much more information about how productive your workout is and how to get better.

To keep the trend going, we have listed 5 of the best fitness gadgets to own in 2016.

FitBit Blaze

This newest offering by FitBit has health nuts excited. The company claims to have pulled all stops to make the ultimate fitness watch. For starters, it has a colour touchscreen. It also has music, and call, text and calendar alerts. It has a heart rate and pulse tracker, a multi-sport mode, a smart-tracker that will record exercises for you and a workout summary option too.

The Blaze also connects to the GPS on your phone so that you can track your route and get all the stats about your run/walk. It comes with a FitStar option that gives you workout instructions and coaching. To ensure that you get a good night’s rest, the Blaze comes with a sleep tracker that tracks your sleeping activity.

Lumo Run Sensor

This is a tiny little gadget that is a ton of help without really getting in the way. You attach the sensor to the back of your shorts, and run! It tracks your run and other workout sessions too.

You can get real-time auditory feedback from the sensor about your running form. It gives suggestions for other exercises and drills for future workout sessions, for better fitness and improvement. It even syncs to your phone so that you don’t need to lug it around when out for a run. Leave the phone at home, and the sensor will send all the info to the app for you to check later.

Misfit Ray

Sure, the name sounds a little ironic, but the intention is the same – to track your fitness regime. Although the Misfit Ray is a sleep tracker, it does much more than. Apart from monitoring sleep, it tracks steps and distance of a run/walk, calories burned, allows tagging your favourite workout activities, alerts for messages, calls and alarms, and even lets the user take selfies.

It is prided to have a very long-lasting battery, which means you never need to take it off. The highlight of this gadget is that it fits into different accessories. It can be your bracelet or necklace too!

FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Now what’s a good workout regime if you can’t keep a track of the results? This is where FitBit’s smart weighing scale comes in. For fitness freaks, measuring body weight is important. But what’s the harm in getting a little something extra in the process?

The Aria tells you not just your weight, but also tracks your BMI, lean mass and body fat percentage. It has its own set of charts and graphics to display all the important stats. It syncs to your phone and other FitBit devices. It can store this data for multiple users. That means your entire family can track their fitness routine on the same scale!

Gyenno Cup

This can’t be called a fitness gadget per se. It is more of a health assistance gadget. It mainly ensures that you remain hydrated by getting you to drink more water, in a healthy way. Apart from that, it also always displays the calendar, clock and weather on the screen.

You can set alarms for drinking water, especially if you tend to forget and don’t get enough. It customizes and monitors your drinking plan, right from the quantity to the frequency. It has an in-built alarm for reminders. What’s more, you can also send messages to your loved ones reminding them to drink water, and the cup will display it!

Wrapping Up

When buying a fitness gadget, first make a list of what your needs are. Then plan your budget. And after that, start your research. It is always best to make a list of your requirements rather than buying an expensive gadget that’s no help and regretting it later. Also do some research online; there are many deals and discounts that you can snag on shopping websites. So get out, get fit! The world’s a better place if you look fit and feel great!

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