Almost all applications have a regular, stable version, and then have a beta one, a more exclusive, almost testing version that not every person gets to have on their phones.

You see, having the beta version of an app means you get to have access to most content than others, and faster than others. Which is exactly why everyone wants to get their hands on the newest WhatsApp Beta Update.

However, getting the WhatsApp beta update on your phone might be quite a bit complicated than you think, and you shouldn’t trust any other shady source that is offering the download link since it could bring the virus into your phone.

You’ll be able to download the WhatsApp BETA update here. But, before you do, let’s just make sure you know everything there’s is to know about WhatsApp and its beta version.

Regular version vs WhatsApp BETA.

The regular version of WhatsApp is the one everyone has on their phone, usually available in the Play Store or Apple Store, depending on whether your phone is an Android or an iPhone.

Either way, WhatsApp is completely and totally free to download and will install almost immediately. The best thing is, it recently became available for the computer too, so you can use it in your web desktop as well, not only on your phone.

The regular version of WhatsApp offers you everything you already knew: Instant messages, being able to send documents, pictures, gifts, give your current location to people, video chat and so on.

And, as the updates keep coming, you will receive them on your phone once they are properly launched and available on the Play Store. To put it simply, the regular version of WhatsApp is the one developed by WhatsApp Inc. and available at the Play Store or Apple Store.

Now, the WhatsApp BETA is something quite similar to the regular version of WhatsApp, but not completely. You see, the BETA version is basically a trial version of an app that few people can enjoy.

In this trial version, you get to try and experience the newest updates first then everyone else. That’s how developers manage to get useful feedback from the users to understand how can they make the update better before officially launching it.

If you’re into getting the newest technologies before anybody else and like the idea to contribute to the development of WhatsApp, then the BETA version is most definitely the one for you.

Much like the regular version, WhatsApp BETA is also developed by WhatsApp Inc. meaning it’s a safe app, however, you won’t be able to download it directly from the store on your phone, but rather through a link (like the one we mentioned at the beginning of the article).

As you can see both versions are quite similar, except you can try out all the new updates before anyone else if you download the WhatsApp BETA version directly on your phone.

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