We’re hearing a lot of good things about Target lately, and myCheckout is yet another one. It’s a very simple thing, but one that I wish more stores would look into. Basically, myCheckout will allow Target employees to order items for customers when said items are out of stock, so that customers don’t have to check back in later. So, for example, if you’re shopping at Target for shoes but can’t find your size, or are looking for that particular brand of coffee but the store is out of stock, you can find a target employee who, using a handheld mobile device, will locate exactly what you want online. You will then whip out your credit card, which the employee will insert inn the device, pay for your items and go back home to await delivery. Customers who opt for this option will receive an email notification, just like they would had they ordered the item themselves from home. Or, if you need the item right away, the Target employee will be able to tell you if it’s available in any other nearby Target so you can go and buy it from there.

I often find that it’s the little things that many business don’t really think about that make the biggest difference. I mean, this new service from Target is just so convenient! How often has this scenario happened to all of us? More often that I’d like, and Target’s solution to this problem is both clever and shows just how far it’s ready to go to make life easier for its customers. Of course, customers can order online themselves if they so wish, but if you’re already in the store shopping for supplies, why not get the ordering done right there and be done with it? It makes total sense.

The service was already being tested in select Target stores since last spring and this testing period has already processed over 10,000 transactions. Target says that its myCheckout service will be implemented across all stores in time for the holiday season which, again, makes a lot of sense and will indubitably make shopping for the holidays much easier for Target customers.

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