When WhatsApp was originally launched back in 2009 it had a simple interface, not many features, and most people didn’t really know about it. It wasn’t until Facebook bought WhatsApp that the application really took off.

Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most downloaded app when it comes to instant messages, and for a good reason: It has everything you could possibly want to keep connected with everyone at all times.

However, as times move on, WhatsApp keeps adding more features to their software, slowly but surely making sure they are truly building the best instant messaging app out there.

Get to know about WhatsApp previous updates.

Before we get to the newest update this app has to offer us, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to appreciate just how far we have come in this instant communication era, and how much WhatsApp has really helped us.

First, this incredible app was pretty much like your regular chat: You could start talking and sending instant messages to any of your contacts who also had the app downloaded to their phones and begin the fun talking.

Nothing changed much until 2015-2016 when WhatsApp made the next big move: Introducing video calls. And from that moment on, they truly became Skype’s biggest competitor.

After that, there haven’t really been many big updates, unless you take the famous “stories” into account, but that wasn’t really new, considering Snapchat and Instagram were already doing it.

Other than a few updates on the emojis and a quick interface improvement, WhatsApp has kept his low profile for most of the current year. Or that was until the new upgrade was announced, and oh, did it surprised us all.

WhatsApp newest Group Update.

This new update represents WhatsApp’s new step to make communications amongst the largest groups even better. They realized managing a great group of people within the same chat were important information was delivered was a hard task, so they came with a solution.

Thanks to this new update, people can create groups where nobody but administrators can send messages. The perfect options for those WhatsApp groups meant to deliver important information.

The update represents a step into making this app better for regular users and for business since it allows a clearer communication path for all parties involved.

How to Use WhatsApp newest update.

To use it you’ll have to download it, and you’ll be able to download it from here. Now, once you do, you can move on to creating the group and then going to settings, send messages and then select only admins.

As you can see, the update is hidden within the group chat itself, but it still extremely useful for those who use WhatsApp as a business tool. Now you can send relevant information without it getting lost in a sea of irrelevant messages.

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