Since 1997, Apple has made it a tradition to publish their pick of what they consider the most well designed apps for the year. This year, the 20th anniversary of their first best app list, is no exception. For obvious reasons, Apple only considers apps that they feel best highlighted the capabilities of one of their own devices, such as iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches and Macs. They even present the designers of these apps with nifty Apple light-up awards. Here are some of the winners:


Adult coloring books are all the rage. You can see them everywhere in stores and their popularity continues to grow. For adult who want to color on the go, there’s no need to pack  up your colored pencils. Simply download the free app Lake and color to your heart’s content. You can use your finger, or use an Apple Pencil for more precise work. You can even add shading. Did we mention it’s free?

Get Lake here.

Kitchen Stories

Cooking and recipes are also a hot trend. Everyone’s Facebook feed is filled with how-to videos of tasty meals, snacks and desserts. Kitchen Stories is full of quick, tasty recipes and delivers them in a variety of languages. Not sure what to make for dinner? Kitchen Stories is your source of inspiration. It can also teach you how to pit an avocado or slice an apple. Its clean, clear how-to videos are easy to follow and offers all the information you need to put a delicious meal on the table. It’s also free in the App Store.

Get Kitchen Stories here.

Airmail 3

If, like most busy people, you have a plethora of email addresses from different providers, you know how frustrating and time consuming it is to check them all. This app is great for individuals but also for businesses who rely on email services such as Yahoo!, GMail, iCloud and others. It basically rallies all your accounts and delivers all your emails in one easy-to-handle inbox. It also has fun little features like email snoozing. At $5, it is an affordable app that will help you manage your messages in a whole new, better way.

Get Airmail 3 here.

These are just a few of our favorite winning apps. You can go here to read about all twelve Apple Award recipients’ apps.

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