Your mobile phone is an integral part of your everyday life. You use it for almost everything. Unfortunately, its storage limitations force you to keep most of your important data in the cloud. You know the concerns of uploading your private documents and want to protect them. Here are four apps and software products for better mobile phone cloud security.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

The ESET Online Scanner is the online virus scanner that computer geniuses use because they know it works the best. Recently, ESET has expanded their domain into the arena of smartphones and tablets with this product. It has already become one of the highest scoring malware detectors of any app in the marketplace. AV-Test, a respected antivirus grading, gave this app a perfect score for identifying potential malware. If you want to make sure that your smart device is clean, this is the best product on the market.

Avira Antivirus Security

While running multiple antivirus programs on your computer is a terrible idea, your phone is a different story. You can keep as many antivirus apps as you want, as long as you verify that they don’t run independently. The ones that execute only when you ask are all worth a spot in your phone’s security folder.

Avira scored almost as high as ESET on the AV-Test, with a 99.9 percent grade. More importantly, this product also didn’t report any false positives, which differentiates it from many major competitors. If you’re not sure ESET’s results are correct, run this app to compare notifications.

Skyhigh Threat Protection

A compromised cloud account represents your worst nightmare. If hackers learn how to access your device, they can read your email, steal your contact list, and take all your credit card information and passwords. Almost everything that you hold dear is accessible through the cloud, and that creates a direct path to a compromised phone. That’s why you must secure both, and that goes double if you own a business.

Skyhigh Threat Protection constantly monitors your cloud data accounts. It uses complex, adaptive algorithms to identify when your behavior is abnormal. That’s regularly a sign that someone else has access to your phone and all the information stored within. It also notes when multiple people log in to your account from different places at the same time. It even performs geographic cross-checks to authenticate whether a sign-in attempt occurs from a place where you couldn’t possibly be. It’s functionally your phone’s bodyguard.

LastPass Password Manager Premium

For the modest cost of a dollar a month, you can create the most complex passwords imaginable. It’s the best security option, and it works perfectly. That’s because you won’t have to remember the passwords. Instead, the LastPass app will do it for you.

This program provides access to your password vault. Here, you can check both the security phrases you use on your phone and the ones you use when visiting websites. It’s a terrific security measure to guarantee that the only person who knows your passwords is you.

You want a secure mobile device. To keep hackers away, simply use these four apps. You’ll feel confident knowing that neither hackers nor malware will get past your security measures.

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