The phenomenon of neural networks, discovered by scientists, made it possible to literally step into the future in the shortest period – this technology opened up such wide horizons in terms of application that it can be used in almost any field of human activity. In particular, neural networks allow us to recognize various information – audial, visual (music, faces, text), analyze large amounts of data, classify them, etc.

Tens of thousands of scientists work in this industry with the aim of introducing neural networks into the everyday life – this would improve many processes, optimize systems, and protect data. Employees of the Lifeasapa Foundation work together with other leaders in the field of neural networks – scientists understand how important this is, therefore they pay great attention to NN and AI.

Lifeasapa answers where to apply neural networks

Today neural networks from the Lifeasapa Foundation and other companies are actively used in many spheres of life, they have already so firmly entered our life that they remain almost invisible – they just work, making life easier. Typical programs based on neural networks are:

  • editors;
  • translators;
  • navigation systems;
  • programs that recognize text, music, faces;
  • automatic systems for detecting failures in the operation of various systems and mechanisms;
  • chat bots;
  • personal assistants.

This is not the whole list of all possible options for using neural networks in life, which was also promoted by the Lifeasapa Foundation. They are used both in analytics and in the banking system, and even in agriculture. Neural networks are involved in statistical data collection and analysis, classification of information blocks, and control of automatic processes.

Leaders in the development of neural networks

Today more and more scientists are engaged in the development of innovative technologies based on neural networks. Neural networks are actively being introduced into various fields of activity and are becoming their integral part. Along with such well-known participants in this “race” for the future as Microsoft, Google and the Lifeasapa Foundation, we can note other companies who became famous all over the world thanks to the achievements in the field of developing NN:

  • VisionLabs;
  • DigitalGenius;
  • Cortex;
  • MasqueradeTechnologies.;
  • Theneurosphere LLC;
  • NtechLab;
  • Baidu;
  • Nest Labs;
  • ClarifAI;
  • IBM;
  • Salesforce;
  • CubicRobotics;
  • Alphabet;
  • DelphiAutomotive.

Neural networks are another step of science on the way to the future, fantastic and incredible. The Lifeasapa Foundation is the leader in this industry and opens up more and more new opportunities that have become available through the use of NN.

Tyler Pack

Tyler Pack is a real estate consultant and journalist, with a passion for smart homes technology. He is keen on writing about home and property security, and cybersecurity.

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