Budget-friendly Atlanta Trip

You might be affected by the global financial crisis at some point but it does not forfeit your right to go on Atlanta vacation. Besides, you can have fun in the city without having to spend too much. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still make your holiday pleasant through engaging into activities that are either cheap or free. With some money-saving strategies in hand, you can have the best of the city without feeling that you are robbed after the experience.

“Orange sodas and chili-cheese hotdogs might not be a smart food choice, but most tourists prefer it to save money and to have an Atlanta experience.”

A budget-friendly Atlanta trip lies in your ability to find “super savings” once you are in the city. Here are a few words of advice to help you out in snagging the best travel deals in town.

  • There are value hotels in Atlanta across the city. If you think just a bed and bathroom will do for you, you can opt for hostels. If you don’t want to pay for a single penny, you might want to consider home exchange. This will allow you to save on food as well as you’ll have the facilities to prepare for your own food. Plus you don’t need to worry about burglars who target vacant homes.
  • Healthy eating is not so “in” with the citizens of this town. Although most cheap restaurants serve healthy foods too, locals grab orange sodas and chili-cheese dogs for a quick bite. Foreign and domestic tourists also prefer this because aside from it saves them money; it also gives them a unique Atlanta experience.
  • There are discount cards for tourists who will opt to try their luck with public means of transportation. You can purchase an unlimited pass to travel around the city for just $8 in a day. If you would stay for a few days, you can even save some more as there are cards that cost for just $3.
  • There are also budget-friendly attractions in the city while some even costs nothing. The King Center is one of the most popular landmarks of Atlanta and it is free to go in there. Know more about the much celebrated civil rights leader. You can register and get tickets at government offices.
  • For family-oriented cheap activities, you can visit the large aquariums and see hundreds of fish species. Or you can take your kids to Stone Mountain Park or city parks and zoo. You can also join a guided tour for a reasonable price and visit other tourist destinations like Coca Cola factory, The World of Coca, and the CNN office.
  • Atlanta also offers plenty of pubs and bars for party people. However, this can be very costly so if you just want to hang out with your pals and bond over cans of beers, you may want to opt for local bars which provide a cozy drinking ambience.

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