If you’ve ever made a match.com profile it probably means that you were looking for love. If the website has worked for you, congratulations! This means that you are now in a relationship and have found a partner. It also means it’s probably time to delete that Match profile since you are no longer looking. Here is how to do it.  

If You Are On the Fence 

If you have found someone and are dating exclusively it may be time to at least cancel the auto-renewal of your Match subscription. Match offers this feature to give you uninterrupted access to their services so you can continue to get matches as you are looking for someone. If you start to date someone seriously, you probably don’t need to pay for continuous new matches as you see how your relationship develops.  

To cancel your auto-renewal feature, you want to start in your Account Settings. Look for the Manage/ Cancel Membership page and follow the steps under Cancel Subscription. At this point, you will have full access until your paid period ends. After that, your profile and picture will remain on Match and you’ll still be able to browse like all other unpaid users.  

If You Think You Have Something Good  

So, your relationship is getting a little more serious? That’s great! You know it’s going well and, while you’re not sure it will last forever just yet, you are ready to settle down a bit. This means it is time to suspend your profile.  

Once again, go to Account Settings. After that, you’ll see a link that says To Suspend or Delete Your Account, click on that. Make sure you follow the steps to Suspend the account if you are just taking a break. This will hide your profile and you will not be seen by other users. Remember though, if you have auto renewal still on, your payments will continue unless you follow the steps above to cancel your subscription.  

You Have Found “The One”! 

After all the days, months or years of dating, you have finally found the perfect person for you. Goodbye to rejection, awkward first dates and your online dating profile. When you get to the point you realize you will no longer be dating and are in a long-term committed relationship, here is how to permanently delete your Match profile.  

Account Settings is where you start again. Just like suspending your profile, you will want to go to Suspend or Delete Your Account. The last link will say “To delete your account and permanently remove your profile from the site, click here”. This is the moment of truth because once you click and confirm you will be unable to access your account or you past connections ever again.  

Bottom Line 

By following a few easy steps, taking your Match profile down is not very hard. They offer a range of ways to either fully remove, hide or stop paying for your profile. This will allow you to progress in your relationship and ease your way into a life of no more online dating. Good luck! 

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