When it comes to writing academic papers, you need a range of skills, or even better, a range of paper writing services at hand, which can help me write an essay with native authors. In the very same way, when it comes to studying the concepts of mathematics and geometry, you need a range of tools. A ruler is the first one you will require to measure and draw lines. You may not consider it essential, but you will need it more often than you imagine. What if you cannot find your physical ruler and the stores are closed? Amazingly, you can access a virtual one to continue with your tasks and assignments. The best part is that these tools are easy to use and offer the assurance of precision. Here are the best online rulers that every student must try.


iRuler is a free virtual tool that enables you to set the monitor screen in inches or pixels. You can even adjust it by customizing its settings if you have a different display or screen. Just place the object you want to measure on the screen and identify its final measurement. You need not worry about finding a physical ruler right away, as this tool lets you measure things just when you need to do it.


With the Lifesizer tool, you will need to invest some effort for the initial setup. But it is worthwhile, considering the ease and precision the tool offers. This virtual tool requires you to calibrate with items such as a CD-ROM or credit card. The object is compared to its on-screen counterpart to pick the correct scale. Once done, you can adjust the scale to the item you want to measure to get an actual ruler for final measurement.


Ruler.onl a basic and easy-to-use tool that students can try as an alternative to the physical ruler. You can rely on this virtual on-screen ruler to get accurate measures of small and large objects in inches and centimeters. It works on both computers and mobile gadgets, so screen size does not limit its usability. The maximum length you can measure with it is 20 inches or 50 centimeters.


PreciseRuler is another measuring tool that makes an excellent substitute for a real ruler as it lives up to its name. You have the option of an L-shaped ruler, and you can measure length and width simultaneously with this one. It lets you determine the scale using your screen size. You can measure objects in both inches and centimeters without worrying about accuracy.


This virtual tool is a web version of an iPhone app that simply turns your iPhone into a reliable measuring device. It is much easier to measure things with your phone instead of a computer. Not surprisingly, iPhone users love this incredible tool because of its sheer simplicity and ease of use. It measures both in inches and the metric system, making it extremely helpful for students.

With these virtual tools at hand, you never need to worry about losing your physical ruler. Just access them when you want, and measure in minutes. The best part is that they are versatile, so you can use them on any device and for measuring any object. Accuracy is never a concern because they promise precision every time you use them.

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