If you love gadgets, you could be making a living using your passion and expertise. Due.com recently published a comprehensive guide to freelancing that will answer all your questions.

The biggest challenge many have is finding ways to turn their hobbies into an income. Here are many of the services freelancers in the gadget world offer to make a fine living:

Gadget Freelancer Review Writer

Do you love writing about the latest video game or cell phone? There is strong demand for writers to review new tech as it comes out and to share tips and tricks.

You could even write reviews of your favorite vintage technology or compile a history and turn it into an infographic or SlideShare.

Video Reviews

If writing isn’t your favorite activity, but you love to make videos you’re in luck. Video reviewers in the gadget world can make even more money than writers.

Build a following, and manufacturers will send you their latest devices. They tend to favor reviews that show you opening the box, and explaining all the features.

While the device itself is usually the payment, YouTube reviewers also make money from the ads that appear on their videos.

PC Technician

Even though most devices are replaced rather than repaired, there are still people who provide hardware services, feature upgrades, and software installation.

There is steady demand for cleaning viruses off hard drives. If you’re particularly handy, you might even offer hard disk crash recovery services.

The best money is in getting a contract with a local business or school system. Or think outside the box and offer custom builds.

Most of the computer users you know don’t know how to maintain their computer, set up automated backups, or install a firewall. All of these are services you could be offering.

Network Installations

Many PC techs who have schools or businesses for clients get paid to install networks. With the increase in concern over how wi-fi affects health – especially in children – some are now returning to running ethernet cables to every desk.

Even if a company or school uses wireless, they may still need someone to configure a shared server or get all the devices talking to each other.

Operator Training

While you may think no one needs to be taught how to use their devices, you would be wrong. You could offer classes on how to use Windows 10 or the latest Mac OS.

Many applications are complicated, providing ample room for classes on everything from using Word to creating custom spreadsheets in Excel. (Some won’t even want to learn HOW to set up a spreadsheet – they’ll just pay you to create one for them.)

Smartphone Glass Replacement

I personally know someone who started a business replacing broken iphone displays. They service iphones locally and also through mail order – and they aren’t the only ones in their city.

This is a needed service in any city. You could specialize in iphones like they did, or in a particular brand of phone to get started and then expand into other types of smartphones or devices.

Remember that you will need to stock parts, so limiting the type of devices you repair reduces your initial outlay for parts.

App development

There are two ways to go with app development. Some try to make money selling their own apps while others get paid to develop apps for businesses.

Do your research here, as the number of apps uploaded every day is astronomical. Don’t assume that you will get rich on your very first try.

Check out our Best Practices for Promoting Android Apps and Promoting Apps for iPhones, Android and Other Smartphones for tips.

Getting Paid

The most important aspect of freelancing is getting paid. It is easier now than it was in the past to keep track of customers, create projects and tasks, and invoice them in a timely manner.

We used to have to do this in spreadsheets and create invoices manually, but now we can save all that in one place using Due.com. I wish it had been around when I first started freelancing.

Beginning freelancers should be careful not to take on too many expenses at first. Look for solutions that offer a “free forever” starter option like they do and then upgrade once you have more customers and need additional capacity.

Best known for writing about Small Business Advice, Gail Gardner is known as @GrowMap on Twitter and other social networks. She sometimes writes about the latest gadgets here and on DIRJournal.

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