Hard Disk Recovery isn’t that hard

It seems like such a long time since we thought of this one. A recent hiccup in our operations brought everything back to remembrance–because we had to do this again. It wasn’t any one person’s fault really. If we had to blame anyone, we’d blame our coffee pot going empty late one night and sleep typing. Bombing your Disk Drive is no laughing matter. Hard Disk Recovery is one of the most time consuming processes and if you happen to have erased data that costs money? That’s an extra headache and crossed fingers you have to deal with when you start to consider your options for Hard Disk Recovery. Thankfully, we’ve already had the bad luck of doing just that and what we’ve learned is going to help you navigate this strange new world.

Hard Disk Recovery

The first thing to remember is not to panic

These things happen and at most you might have a few days to recoup. At worst you’re looking at a week and possibly finding older copies of files that couldn’t be recovered. Hard Disk Recovery is not a guaranteed thing. You’ll probably lose some portion of what you erased even when recovered. You just have to hope what’s lost forever isn’t a file that’s irreplaceable.

Hard Disk Recovery

Next we need you to get to this website for Data Rescue PC. 

Once you have that downloaded, install, and move to the next step.

Upon opening the application you get to choose which disk drive to look through. Choose the one you want and begin scan. If you need to stop, just click on the box in the upper right corner of the dialogue box and it will ask you if you want to create a scan.bin file in to save where you’re going to leave off once you quit. It would be a great idea to save it under a name you’ll remember and put it in a place you won’t forget it.

Depending on your Hard Disk capacity the scan will take between an hour to overnight. When we first scanned our 4TB HDD it took us all night. This task WILL use a large percentage of your CPU so it would make sense to do this scan when you won’t be using your PC.

Once you start, find something else to do, kick up your feet, take a nap, read a book, or go out and have a drink.

Hard Disk Recovery

When the scan is finished, open your scanned partition and choose what you want to save. Prompts onscreen should help you navigate and answer any specific questions but the process is pretty straightforward.

Please don’t hesitate to watch our video where we install a Hard Disk, write to it, erase it, then recover it here:


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