Boys and girls who graduated from a school for the first time discover the real world of “adults.” A foreign city, strangers, and a catastrophic lack of cash are met by the majority of students who leave home for knowledge. You can no longer hide behind your parents, and all your school problems are a thing of the past. We also offer our own guidance on how to form a circle of like-minded persons, not lost in selfish ambitions and find your comfortable place in college.

Reset the Counter

All potential drawbacks should remain in the past, as dropped baby teeth. If you do not break up with them on time, you will not be ready to taste the fruits of the new harvest, as stated in wordy literary essays. Parents who remember student’s time avidly do not dream of turning back into themselves 30 years ago. They just desire to see a fascinating, rich life, but without useless scrapes and contrived problems.

Define What College May Propose

Only a couple of persons are interested in what is really significant for newly minted learners. Explore what additional educational programs the college is implementing, as also make a register of informal associations at the faculty. Joining a fraternity makes it easier to educate, communicate more, “dig out” friends, and even get a job. It would not be superfluous to clarify whether the college has contacts with potential employers in order to secure a future internship place.

Close Communication

Integration and social adaptation are your priority partners for the coming period. School companies are frequently united by a spatial attribute and general memories. Scarcely, children’s affairs conclude, such connections weaken because individuals strive to new hobbies. If you are lucky not to make a mistake with the option of a profession, then it will be your fellow students who will form that social circle with which you will go arm in arm and transform the planet.

Establish Purposes and Move Toward

La Monte Young, a minimalist composer, once contended that the slogan “Draw a straight line and follow it.” It defined not only his songful manner but his whole being. From the first course, set big tasks before yourself and do not disperse over trifles. Learning well is not an aim, but a backdrop for those who have real visions. Do not wait for encouraging presents from dad for a successful semester, as from now on you are responsible for your own life

Do Not Listen to Horror Stories about Teachers and Tips on How to Learn

A subjective opinion may be erroneous, so focus only on your own feelings that arise during the first conversation with the lecturer. All this fussing and ant racing is only for individuals who have something to be scared of because of lazy or poor preparation. Besides, in all situations, there are exemptions to the rules, so stay away from other people’s errors and do not use bad experience.

Build Your Occupational Portfolio from the First Semester

Start looking for a job as early as possible, but not a side work as a consultant in Uniqlo or a waiter at Starbucks. Most likely, you will be offered a flexible schedule and part-time, but in return, you will gain invaluable experience and connections. In the first year, create your resume, which should be updated every seven months. If nothing has modified in the text, you are doing something wrong.

Arrange for any specific practices and internships, pestering with this demand to the lecturers, teachers, deans, and graduates. Do not be afraid to take for what you do not know and what you have not yet comprehended, do not hesitate to be intrusive in your job search. Save all the certificates and involve them in the CV, because this investment will improve your rating in the future.


Thus, this was a guide for those who want to survive in an alien college environment. Of course, it cannot be called exhaustive since the fate of each person is different. But the main rule remains the same, namely: trust yourself. Now your primary task is to adapt to new conditions, find your place in the team, and get to know the tutors. You will cope with this successfully if you do not contradict your inner self. Stay yourself, be honest and hardworking, and then college education will not be perceived as permanent survival.

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