The success of the Nintendo Switch was either expected, if you’re a Nintendo fan, or a complete surprise, but one thing is certain: The lifeblood of the Switch is two things and they are Nintendo’s first-party titles and the high-quality, awesome ports of previous current games.

Both of these capitalize on the Switch’s portability which is its selling point in a world of home consoles that are still wedded to the television set and gaming laptops that are perhaps still too unwieldy for true portable gaming.

The Switch has also made sure to secure the best games from the previous generations, the titles that people really want.

Nintendo is even trying to implement robust online features and gaming.

All of this makes the next question so obvious: When will Rockstar bring Grand Theft Auto V to the Switch?

There are a couple of things that might be holding it back, and there are a couple of things that point to it happening…eventually.

The first thing is that GTA V is a huge game. Way bigger than a Switch game card. Even with the larger cards Nintendo recently announced, GTA V would be quite a pill for the Switch to swallow, even with the hard drive included.

The second thing is that GTA V’s graphics are still pretty impressive even today. It moves at an impressive clip and there’s a lot on the screen. It isn’t that the Switch isn’t capable of this, the question is “what is the experience like?”

Both of these dovetail into the last salient fact about GTA V on the Nintendo Switch and that is that Rockstar and publisher Take Two have made their money not only from the sales of the game, but also from its online mode.

If the Nintendo Switch can’t handle GTA Online, is Take Two even interested in porting the game to the system?

Probably not, because that means that one of the best-selling games of all time would have to release on a system and appeal to those that haven’t purchased it yet or those that already have it and need it for Switch.

We’re sure both audiences are quite small.

But if you throw in the online mode, things change immensely.

In fact, GTA Online for the Nintendo Switch could be a killer app of sorts for a console that already has a load of them in its library.

So the question of whether or not GTA V will make it to the Nintendo Switch probably rests mainly on whether or not it can be ported as an online game as well.

Players would be willing to sacrifice a lot of things, but we don’t think that the online mode is one of them.

Nor would Take Two want to pass up the chance to monetize that audience.

Who knows what direction the company will take with Rockstar’s masterpiece, but you can be certain that money will rule the decision-making process at the end of the day.

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